All official Xbox Series X specifications

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This week, Microsoft announced the official Xbox Series X specifications, and the majority of those specifications were technical, so I decided to download this article in order to simplify it for you to understand all specifications.

I will talk first about the graphical ability. Xbox Series X will have twice the official capacity. Xbox One x means Xbox One x can run 4K 30FPS and 1080p 60FPS so this is why series series in normal mode can run 4K 60FPS and 1080p 120 FPS, so this can actually run 8K and not as you would think Some, and I was one of them, but can operate it on terms and conditions are a little difficult and the conditions are to operate 8K and 30FPS and a little less and there is also a tracking technology that will provide lighting and more realistic reflections and also confirmed support 120FPS and support for the mouse and keyboard and this is something Excellent, you can tell Microsoft is a PC of a small size and at a much lower price

And also the type of memory has been confirmed, which is SSD, which is the fastest memory on the market, and I know what some will say now that M2 is faster. Well, M2 is the SSD term. The SSD must be larger

With all of this benefit, something new came, and they wanted to run more than one game or program at the same time. For example, you can play Fortnite and a sports game like FIFA. Some people. What is the benefit of running two games at the same time? They gather, for that period you take advantage of in another game, or the game has a long waiting time to start playing, or the device is used by more than one person.

One of the most important advantages of the device is that it can run all previous generations, and this indicates that remaster games will decrease in importance and CD Project Red has an official statement that you will publish an update you are doing with improved graphics in Xbox Series X


As for the controlling hand, he did not speak except that they had made a change in the response sensitivity increase. There is no information yet about the price of the device, but I expect that the price of the device is $ 600, and this is an excellent price for all of these specifications found inside it.

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Thanks for sharing! I am curious about how the "battle" between PS5 and Xbox will be.

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