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RE: Bitcoin Not First Digital Currency I Profited From

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Thanks for sharing this in-depth incredible post. I should make a post like this except for the hours I spent standing in front of the auctioneer on World of Warcraft. Thanks for the inspiration.


I loved gold making in WoW. When they let you buy tokens off the auction house not only for game time but convert them on the account to buy other things OMG. I help fund a couple of friends an expansion pack, game time, and I even bought a couple of games as well! I think last time I only had 50k-60k gold left and the WoW tokens where getting insanely expensive with all my ways to make money not having much markup left in them or value.

Yeah we've talked about this before and I never got to that point. Sad to say, but after the guild I was on disbanded during WotLK I never really found as good a group to play/raid with and it really just ruined the game for me. I played a couple of expansions after, but were never really serious about the game ever after that.