Call of Duty WWII : Private Beta, Review

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Hey there guys, it's me ggteixeira and today we'll be going over my opinion so far on what I think of the CoD WWII multiplayer. All the information I've gathered as of now has been from my very own personal experience playing the CoD WWII's private beta a while back on my brother's PlayStation 4. I hope you guys enjoy the post!

Something different

For today's Steemit post I'll be doing things a little differently. Before giving my actual review on the beta, I'll be going over 5 things about the beta which really stood out to me. These things can be positive, negative, or even somewhere in-between. Feel free to let me know on how you guys feel about this kind of reviewing, or if you guys like the older and more traditional kind of way I've been doing before.

1. The Gameplay Itself, Boots on the ground

My first match into the beta I was immediately hooked and drawn in. Yes, when broken down, the CoD core gameplay mechanics seem to have remained the same but there's something different about this call of duty which really makes it stand out in comparison to all the others. For one I can really appreciate how all the flying about has been removed and replaced with a more traditional boots on the ground. That simple point there is a real seller to me but throw on top of it that the game runs and feels really smooth, especially on consoles, and you got a pre-order out of me.

The creators of CoD WWII seem to have really outdone themselves with this one and if the full release gameplay is anything like the beta, I can guarantee that any avid CoD fan will be hooked on the game for months.

2. The Setting

The name says it all. With this Call of Duty, players will be taken back once again to play and fight over a WW2 based setting. When playing the beta, almost everything felt in place and made me feel like I was really taking part in WW2 (In-game of course). There were a few minor issues though which don't really bother me but seem to really dissuade a handful of other people, the removal of the swastika and the addition of female soldiers into the game's multiplayer. I can see why this makes some people angry, but when you really think about it, it's only a game. As long as everyone is having fun something as small as that shouldn't really be bothering anyone.

3. The Gunplay and Weapons

In the private beta despite it being a beta, there were a variety of different guns and weapons to choose from despite it only being a beta. I can't wait to see how much more weapon content they'll be adding when the game releases, I feel like it's going to be great! Out of all the weapons in the private beta though, my favorite had to be by far the M1 grand. It was an 8 rounds per mag weapon with crazy damage that normally tended to kill people after the second shot. If you got use to it's high recoil, you would be a force to be reckoned with.

All the guns I tried in the game, especially the snipers, felt really good. The gunplay was smooth and nothing felt out of place or over-powered. One thing I'd like to note from my experience in the beta so far though is that the recoil in all the guns had really been amped up, so anyone who doesn't really like recoil should be prepared for that.

4. The Beta Maps

For the beta there were only four maps, a beach based map with tons of trenches and bunkers, a snow based one with larger openings, a city based map with destroyed buildings as well tight knit hallways and finally an airfield-base map which seemed to be a mix of all the other three. Each of the maps seemed to have a unique and fun design with fairness spread throughout all spawn points. They all looked really cool as well and really immersed players into the WW2 setting. Overall, I feel like the CoD team really out-did themselves this time with the maps they created and can't wait to see what other maps come with the fully released game.

5. The Sounds and Graphics

The game sounded great and really helped immerse me into the game. Reloading the M1 Grand sounded even better than I imagined it, I could hear myself run as my character's boots pressed against the ground and I could hear the bullets echo and ricochet around me each time I ran through the trenches. Despite it being a private beta, everything sounded right.

The game also looked amazing and was well-detailed. Especially the character models for each of the players. Everything felt sort of dark and grimy, which is the exact feel I'd expect to get from playing a WW2-based game. This CoD is easily the best looking one yet.

The Review Itself

I've always loved CoD, I got hooked to it ever since I was a kid. When they added the flying movements and all that, my love for the series started to falter. I was lucky enough to have had a brother who got into the private beta and let me play a few hours when he wasn't around.

I'm happy to say from what I've played I wasn't disappointed. The gameplay felt refreshing, the boots on the ground was nostalgic/great, and most of everything else in the private beta was just about right. I know I'll be picking up this game come November and I 100% suggest every other avid CoD fan pick it up to!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned something new which will help with your decision on whether or not you pick up this new Call of Duty. As always, if you have any questions feel free to ask below and I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Score 8.5/10

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