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What's up guys, it's me ggteixeira. I know it's been a while and I'm real sorry about that. My sudden and unexplained absence was mainly due to personal and school issues which I've to this point mostly cleared up. I should be good for actively writing up content again on Steemit, at least in the distant foreseeable future.

With that out of the way, today's post we'll be on the Infantry Division, one of the five multiplayer classes that players can choose from in the newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise, 'Call of Duty: WWII.' I hope you guys enjoy the read and pick up something new!

Before getting into the actual post itself I'd like to uphold a tradition on giving a brief description of the game I'll be talking about. With this post, that game will be 'Call of Duty: WWII.' The purpose of this part of the post is to give some readers who don't know much about game a general idea, helping them grasp a better understanding of the game for the rest of the post. For those readers though who already know about Call of Duty and what the game is, feel free to skip down to the on-topic part of the post below. If for whatever reason you find some part of this description confusing or lacking, don't shy away from stating such and why in the comment section. Not only will it allow me to help you, but you'll also be helping me know if there's an issue that I need to fix. Help is always greatly appreciated!

What is Call of Duty: WWII (Multiplayer)

Activision's 'Call of Duty: WWII' is the fourteenth main-game installment in the Call of Duty franchise. The game is an action-packed first person shooter set during the second world war. With three main modes to choose from, players can choose to either delve into a intense single-player campaign, a co-operative zombie-horde survival mode experience or finally the most popular part of the series, it's famous player-verse-player multiplayer!

Since for this post we'll be talking about a subject revolving around the game's multiplayer aspect, I'll only be briefing the Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer. Competitive, addictive, and progressive are only some of many words I can use to describe the game's multiplayer. The gameplay is very smooth and addictive, but also fair even though it might not seem at times. There are tons of different game-modes for players to choose from allowing the game to be played the way players want to play it and for the first time ever, they've even added a ranked game-mode to Call of Duty for the more competitive part of their player-base.

Customization and progression in 'Call of Duty: WWII' is also one of it's outstanding aspects with tons of different guns, perks, divisions and cosmetics to be unlocked as progress through your character's levels. To put it all simply, there's tons to do in this Call of Duty's multiplayer which will always keep players addicted and coming back. It also plays great!

The Infantry Division

Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer now has players choose from one of five different character 'divisions' to build their classes up from, each with their different perks, strengths, and weaknesses. The Infantry division is one of these five classes. It's the most common, easiest to pick up, and definitely one of the greatest forces to be reckoned with.

Outfitted with a bayonet, better-prepared weapons and extra ammunition, the infantry division grants it's players all the basic necessities needed to go out and cause havoc on the battlefield. Let's go over the specific perks that come through each level of the infantry division:

  • Level One: Rifle Bayonet - The most basic but in my opinion most useful perk that comes with the infantry division. Whenever an infantry division user uses any rifle, it now comes with a bayonet attached to the weapon's barrel that lets players one-shot melee enemy players within it's close-quarters stabbing distance. The bayonet has saved me countless times when turning a corner and running into an unexpected enemy, allowing me to quickly one-shot stab him before he even has the time to let off a single shot from his gun.

  • Level Two: Additional Primary Attachment - The name speaks for itself. At level two, the infantry division allows players to have an extra attachment on their primary weapon. This means that players will be better prepared and have stronger weapons in comparison to everyone else, a definite plus that if used wisely will make a significant different in-game. I suggest an extended magazine, rapid-fire, and grip. This deadly trio of attachments will turn any automatic weapon into a monster.

  • Level Three: Extra Magazines - This perk is more leaned towards the longer-lasting better players in-game. I don't know about you guys, but I all too often find myself running out of ammo half-way through a life, forcing me to pick up a foreign weapon that most of the time feels real uncomfortable to lose. With this perk, I have enough ammo to last me minutes into each of my lives, allowing me to rack up that KD and get all those higher-end kill streaks.

  • Level Four: Stalker - This is the final perk which is given to players at max infantry level. With this, players move faster when aiming down sights, letting them easier strafe and faster turn those corners prepared for anything that waits for them on the other side. It's really good and will make the difference in a gunfight when you're a faster moving harder to hit target.

  • Prestige Mode - Whenever you prestige the infantry class, you get the SVT-40 rifle and 'Scoped' Basic training, (basically stalker but with less sway). The SVT is a pretty strong semi-automatic rifle and basically a better M1 grand for anyone who likes that sort of weapon.

Before wrapping this all up I'd like to give some tips I found with the infantry division which help me play better. First things first, only use this division with automatic and semi-automatic rifles! You'll be able to take full advantage of it's close-quarters bayonet perk alongside the rifle's medium to long range capabilities pretty much covering all ranges of engagement. I know other divisions allow players to mix and match weapon types for effective combos, but this one is not the one! Another trick that'll help is using the bayonet as the forefront for turning corners and entering close-knit buildings. If you sprint and hold the melee button with the bayonet, you can bayonet charge, which is basically a sprint which instantly stabs anyone within range. Using this will mean that you'll almost never loser those sudden pop-up face-to-face engagements with enemies whenever you turn a corner or enter a building.

When it comes to weapons, I find that the BAR, the last assault rifle you unlock in it's weapon category, is very good to use with the infantry weapon. It's pretty accurate, fast firing, and does decent damage. Throw on a grip, extended magazine and either longer rifle barrel or rapid fire depending on preference, and you got yourself currently one of the best weapons in-game. When it comes to basic training, either take 'Primed' for that extra weapon attachment on top of your extra weapon attachment or 'Hustle' for faster reloading. Feel free to switch this up though depending on your play-style. Just try to sway away from more discreet basic trainings that help you sneak around or hide from radar, that's more airborne or mountain division instead of infantry.


Like I do at the end of all my posts, I want to go ahead and thank everyone for reading. I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something new. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the post, feel free to drop them below. Also, if any of you play CoD: WWII on Xbox One, drop your gamer-tag below in the comments if you ever want to play sometime. Once again, thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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It is still the same game, just with different skins. If this would have been my first cod i would say something simillar like you

The gameplay is very smooth and addictive, but also fair even though it might not seem at times.

However they are not, I have played this game bilion times, it is time to make a change, not just change time-line..