the most addictive online videogames

in gaming •  7 months ago


hey very good to all, these are the some of the most addictive online video games that have been so far. all over the world gamers of all ages devote hundreds of hours to these titles

FORTNITE: this game is the sensation of the moment, it has millions of players all over the world playing simultaneously in its battle royale mode that has become the most popular game style of today league of legends: this game has been at the top for years, it is highly addictive and competitive. Although it is much more complicated than the previous one, that does not prevent you from having a community of millions of people who spend hours and hours a day practicing to upgrade POKEMON GO: of the aforementioned this is the most accessible since you only need your phone to play it and not only do pokemon fans play it but its popularity extends to almost any type of people, this game has taken hundreds of thousands of users to walk around hunting pokemons do not forget to leave your vote if you liked and comment what you think, greetings ~

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