When does CookieRun: Tower Of Adventures Release?

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CookieRun: Tower Of Adventures is but one of several CookieRun games in development, after the massive success of Ovenbreak and especially Cookie Run: Kingdom. The new game will take the franchise into co-op action RPG space, with 3D characters and a real-time combat system in the style of Guardian Tales and similar games. With closed beta tests already ongoing, the excitement is huge and many players are already wondering what is the CookieRun: Tower Of Adventures release date. We'll try to answer that here.

CookieRun: Tower Of Adventures Release Date Window

CookieRun: Tower Of Adventures had a very exclusive closed beta on the start of 2024, from January 19 to February 4. Running on Android and iOS, this test gave a few players their first impressions on the upcoming game, although there's been other opportunities before, such as in November 2023.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes

Although there's no official CookieRun: Tower Of Adventures release date yet, the late 2023 and early 2024 closed betas are great indicators that the game shouldn't be too far off from release. In fact, everything points to Cookie Run: Tower Of Adventures releasing in 2024, closer to the Q3 or Q4, as an open beta should happen before the official launch.

Makers DevSisters are putting a lot of work and confidence into this new game – Cookie Run: OvenSmash being the other upcoming game in the series – with the heavy weight of Kingdom's success on their shoulders. We can already say that there will be CookieRun: Tower Of Adventures coupon codes and a gacha system, with the former already announced as a reward for some playtesters. You can check the official website and social media to keep up with news and events on the game, sign up for eventual new beta tests, and learn everything about what is likely to be one of the mobile hits of the year.

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