Wakerunners is the new game from Dave the Diver makers

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MINTROCKET unveiled the name of their upcoming top-down team battle game, Wakerunners. Accompanying the announcement, they premiered the title’s first gameplay trailer which showcases a striking cast of playable characters alongside slick acceleration movement mechanics in an original sci-fi world. MINTROCKET also revealed there will be a playable demo of Wakerunners in the upcoming Steam Next Fest; the detailed schedule for the demo will be announced at a later date.

Initially revealed under the code name Project TB in May of 2022, Wakerunners is a 4v4 and 5v5 action game set in a dystopian sci-fi future. A ravaged Earth is now the site of skirmishes between surviving factions. The fast-paced gameplay features combat at close-quarters, while combatants glide across battle arenas at high speeds, using a unique acceleration and deceleration mechanic. Wakerunners offers a variety of characters, each with unique abilities, personas, and battle styles. Players have the ability to swap characters mid-battle, which allows them to strategically use a variety of skills throughout a battle.

There will be five different game modes and seven playable characters available in the upcoming Steam Next Fest demo. Game modes will include: Team Deathmatch Mode, Raider Mode, Control Conquest Mode, Command Siege Mode, and Escort Mode. To join the battle in Wakerunners next month players should visit the Steam page during Steam Next Fest and download the demo!

Players who’d like to stay up to date on Wakerunners news can wishlist the game on Steam

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