RAGE 2 (Decerebrate action)

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I'm on my way to eight years since, back in 2011, RAGE came to the market as the promise of a new IP of id Software, the studio responsible for shaping the modern shooter with titles like Quake or DOOM. However, far from laying the foundations of a new revolution for the genre, RAGE went rather unnoticed, staying half-way with interesting proposals that fell on deaf ears, mainly, within the open world presented by the work.

But, now, in full 2019 and with the eighth generation of consoles giving their last throes, this franchise comes a second chance with RAGE 2, a sequel that seeks to take the ideas of the first part and fulfill the promises it was making. For this, id Software has had the help of Avalanche Studios, creators of crazy open worlds such as Mad Max or the Just Cause franchise. But, does the union of these two developers give light to the work that the fans hope finally? Join us in our analysis of RAGE 2 to discover it.


"Seriousness was always a friend of impostors"

- Ugo Foscolo
*RAGE 2 is a video game that puts humor first, setting aside the seriousness of the videogame as a medium and its potential consequences, prioritizing user fun over any other aspect. Far from the pretentiousness of other studios and authors, id Software and Avalanche Studios deliver an honest work that, from the first minute, leaves things clear: you have not come to learn or discover anything; You have come to hit shots and blow up anything that moves. And that is perfect.*


Of course, the videogame industry has evolved, and it is a very important step forward to have works capable of removing something inside like GRAY or sow the seeds of doubt about how we understand the real world as The Red Strings Club. But, from time to time, a brainless video game does not come at all bad, that does not take itself too seriously and allows us to have fun without pretensions. And that is precisely what RAGE 2 seeks; And boy do he get it!

The collaboration carried out between id Software and Avalanche Studios is able to result in a title that is fully aware of what is and what is not. RAGE 2 counts, for the part that id Software has, with an exceptional gunplay. The shooting sensation is outstanding and, each time we pull the trigger, the video game is able to transmit a sense of forcefulness that reflects the recoil, the weight of the weapon and the power of the projectile that we send directly to end a life, whatever be the weapon we use for it.


"No one should think perfect, or worry too much about not being"

-Bertrand Russell
*As well established previously, RAGE 2 is a video game that, first of all, is aware of what it is, where its strengths are and where its weaknesses are. And, in this sense, in an exercise of honesty, those responsible for the work have not even worried about hiding the mistakes. The goal is not to make a perfect video game, but to make a fun video game.*

As the student who prefers to leave the question of the exam that is not known in white to focus on doing well those that are known, RAGE 2 leaves some of its sections and leaves them completely aside, giving them the least possible importance, in pursuit of offer an experience centered on what the work does really well. This stands out, above all, in the narrative.


The story of RAGE 2 is something that, despite having some charismatic characters that are neither good nor bad, has been left aside and hardly matters. It serves more as an excuse to get us to patrol and justify the existence of mutants and people that we must stop with shots than anything else.
*And it is not bad at all since, from the beginning, it is relegated to the background. We are not obliged to watch half-hour cinematics trying to justify anything because, as I said, RAGE 2 is not about that; although it would not have been better to take advantage of the good seeds that are sown with characters that line the line that separates good from evil.


"The apocalypse was no more than the prologue of another bloody chapter in the history of mankind"

*The premises of RAGE 2 place us in a post-apocalyptic universe different from other works. The Wasteland is no longer a wasteland and, due to the sudden appearance on the surface by mistake of the capsules that guard life, everyone has returned to revive with flora and fauna never before seen. Thus, the delivery has different biomes that, although in some cases resemble a post-apocalyptic desert, many others will marvel us with swamps full of plants and forests full of exuberant flora.*

With all this, RAGE 2 is consolidated as a visually very spectacular work. Environments, skills and effects such as explosions and lighting are capable of making the game a visual spectacle. And all without taking into account the spectacular design that all enemies have, adapting to playable and aesthetic purposes. RAGE 2 is a product that is very clear about what it wants to do and achieves it, from the playable to the visual, resulting in a madness of fun and frenzy in all aspects.

My opinion after playing

RAGE 2 does not fool anyone and does not even try to try it. The new Avalanche Studios with the help of id Software is the equivalent in videogames to that cinematic action blockbuster in which you know that you will not find surprises or a work of art, but that it is still capable of being fun at the beginning. finish. And it is that RAGE 2 gives the fun to any other thing, and has no qualms about setting aside some aspects in order to make sure that any user has a good time hitting shots and blowing up anything that moves in the air. the game.

An outstanding gunplay, systems that interact and combine perfectly and the challenge of causing as much chaos as possible in a world full of things to do are the main pillars of a work that is exactly what we expected from it, overflowing quality. It is true that we miss a narrative that takes more advantage of the charismatic characters that are presented with interesting dialogues; but not always more is better and, despite some failures, RAGE 2 more than meets its purpose. A brainless and crazy adventure that pulls brute force to sneak into the most fun of recent years. A success in capital letters of Bethesda, id Software and Avalanche Studios.