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Good time game play with the new xbox arcade game Burnout Crash.



Oh damn. Did I just make you chop your balls off? If so, I am really sorry.

Welcome to the platform!


The 4:36 mark.

Oh, ha, sorry. Missed it. Well done. :D

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Hoping to post content daily on here.

I will be looking forward to it!

Thanks! Much appreciated!

hahahah bro...going to play it now..

nice post thanks... my post

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My Follow me pls and Vote Thanks...

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HA! This looks like a super funny game.

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Before watching, I'm just curious: is it a Criterion game like ~ Revenge or ~ Paradise?

Lool it's funny game I like it thank's to share with us follow and upvote good luck !

Thanks for watching!

I don't understand how you have so much payout on this post what is it what info are you providing? Is this just a video of a game your playing? I'm not hating or anything just interested how you are able to get so much upvotes for this post what am I missing? You just video game you playing and then post?

We already have a YouTube channel and a bit of a following there. I thought I'd try my hand here. I guess we got lucky?

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