Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Getting Another Update!

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a mobile game which has you befriending characters in the Animal Crossing Universe by doing simple tasks, such as catching them certain bugs, fish or collecting certain types of fruit they'd like. The relaxing vibe, constant events and calming music has me coming back to the Doubutsu No Mori Series, while it's cute charm and simple gameplay of the main games slowly had me fall in love with the series - Not to mention it's 'way better than it should be' animated movie. The mobile game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is soon to receive an update, Version 2.2.0, to bring it closer to the main series of games and give you more customization in how you'd like your camp to look.

Source: Animal Crossing Twitter

Earlier today, Nintendo Mobile posted a video teaser promoting the upcoming update which will include features similar to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, a spin-off 3DS game released in mid 2015 which has you designing homes of villagers in any style or way you'd like with all of the furniture you currently have unlocked. In this new update, you'll have the ability to access the new 'Happy Homeroom' feature along with new themes for old furniture, ease of access features and bug fixes from previous versions, creating a much more streamlined experience with the game.

Source: Animal Crossing Twitter

The best feature added (other than the new themes and designs) has to be the ability to collect all rewards from goals in one click rather than individually clicking them, like you'd have to in the past. Nintendo mentioned that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will have connectivity with the new Nintendo Switch release of Animal Crossing, but they are yet to inform us what that connectivity is, so if you haven't played this mobile game, or have put it down since, you might want to pick it up before the new game launches to have access to the extra features. The new Version 2.2.0 will require 146.1 MB of space and will be available shortly. A big thank you for the translated information by Brian Cooper of news site Japanese Nintendo. If you would like to read every single update, a comprehensive list can be found on this post from the Japanese Nintendo website.

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