Online Poker - Where have you been, my love?

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Hey there dudes, long time no write.

I've been spending loads of time on the online magical poker tables lately, which has delivered a mixture of amazing highs and the lowest of lows. And is why my activity on Steemit has been so low.

I'm not really new at online poker, and have a real love of the game. I just haven't been playing much in recent years until now. Upon my return to the game, I've had moments where I've walked away with 10x my starting amount, and other times where I've left the tables with nothing at all. The rush of the win is insane, and the adrenaline that pumps through your blood stream when you go all in on what you think is a winning hand is so addictive.


I started out playing on the usual platforms like Pokerstars and all that, but I recently moved to No Limit Coin Poker(NCL).

NLC use their own currency for poker, the NLC2 coin. When you create an account you're given 20 NLC2 coins which lets you jump on into the cash games. They also run free-roll tournaments every hour or so as well which is cool. So if you get wiped out on the tables you'll have plenty of chances to regain some coins.

I've been playing for a couple of weeks now and have placed in the winning circle on a couple of free-roll and have started playing some of the paid tournaments and cash tables. I'm doing OK, a lot of the players seem to be a bit new at online poker which immediately puts me at an advantage.

Anyway, come join me on the tables!


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