Steem Monsters: New Season, New Challenges!

in gaming •  2 months ago


The last season of Steem Monster went by and as the new journey of the latest one started it felt somewhat bland in nature. I had typically felt that prior seasons were providing me incremental rewards to prepare for the next but as I play this current season, I find myself not being able to compete and stuck again at the Silver Division level. While I know that I can still improve the cards I have, I have been trying to be as resourceful as possible to leveraging my rewards accordingly. But it feels that I am stuck all around.

Last night, it took me more than the usual battles to complete my Daily Quests which I would not normally mind but it just felt somewhat frustrating considering that I had blown past this Division last season but find myself stuck now. I am wondering why this is happening as no major changes were announced since last season regarding individual cards. While I am seeing higher level cards, it feels as if the strategies have become “crutches” to being able to win. I find myself playing against very similar teams from the Life Splinter all too often. So much so, that I now rarely see the full battle knowing the outcome of a loss.

I am wondering what next steps to take as I venture into the game a bit deeper. I read that tournaments will be coming soon but do not even know if I will be able to be competitive given my card constraints. I think it will be an interesting change as it could lead for some players to focus on tournaments instead of the ranked Divisions which could lead to less people playing for matchmaking. While it could be good for climbing the leaderboard it could also split the player base among where they often play at. I am looking forward to giving it a try although I have some concerns on how engaged I will remain as I feel stuck early in the season. Hopefully, I can get a good reward from a daily quest to fund my collection!


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