Pokemon Go: Swinub Community Day Event Results

in gaming •  2 months ago


While being a busy weekend with the family I was able to get out for an hour and walk around to participate in the latest Pokemon Go Community Day event featuring Swinub. I did not see as many trainers as I have been used to as it seems that it did not excite many people, myself included. After about 35 minutes of walking and catching Pokemon, I was lucky to get a Shiny form which was enough for me to head back home.


However, after seeing a group of trainers battling, I asked if there was a Raid going on as I didn’t see one. There they reminded me that the event also brought with it a better chance to acquire Sinnoh Stones by battling with trainers! I had almost forgotten and so I stood aroubd challenging some trainers to get as many as I could. It was my first time battling with another trainer and despite being underwhelming, I was happy about the experience. Even better, I was able to get a couple of Sinnoh Stones for pending Generation four evolutions


As I was once again about to leave, a fellow trainer also reminded me of evolving a Swinub into Mamoswine for the exclusive move, Ancient Power. Not to exciting but another exclusive Pokemon for the Pokedex and collection!


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