Pokemon Go: Battle Showdown Event!

in gaming •  2 months ago


It seems that Niantic continues to flood its player base with more and more events to keep them busy! There have been some that I have not even been able to post about given how they have suddenly appeared and gone away. The latest event is the Battle Showdown event to highlight the battle system as well as increases spawns of Fighting-type Pokemon. The event is already live until March 12th!

There are plenty of benefits for participating in this event! First, trainer battles will provide up to five rewards on a daily basis. Battles with Gym Leaders will give up to three rewards daily. These rewards available will include Rare Candy. Next, among the increase in Fighting-type Pokemon, both Mankey and Machop will have their Shiny forms available to catch in the wild.

There are also a number of rewards for other activities players perform. Stardust will be doubled for catches, battes and raids! Also, gym badge XP gained will also be doubled. Seems to be an interesting event to keep players more engaged as the battle system has gotten some traction as of late. I am seeing many tournaments being organized by local groups using this system. Plenty of choices these days as a trainer!


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