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If you do not know what Battle Royale is, you have no overview of video games and you probably do not like them. This does not hurt, as the Battlerite Royale title is easily accessible to both hardcore and occasional players, and at the moment, probably the most popular multiplayer mode dubbed the Japanese film, you are quickly acquainted with it. In the Pre-Access version, which offers very complex content in the first few days.

So what is it? You pick a character and, after leaping out of a plane (in this case from a flying monster) you slowly hit somewhere on the island and try to stay the last surviving player. All the participants who have landed just like you do go to each other's neck and only one can stay at the end. Rewards in the form of money and a box of character skins, avatar icons for the player and new transport animals, however, are gaining even less successful players. And according to how many of them ended up and how many opponents were able to kill. Based on the results, the experience and levels of the player's avatar, but also the status quo and the game will put you in the proper performance league.

All of this plus achievements and day-to-day tasks, such as playing six matches, placing in the first five or testing two heroes, brings the player rewards and a kick of add-ons. It should be emphasized, however, that everything is just a cosmetic component that does not favor anybody in the fight. So you have to rely only on your abilities and choose the character with which you are best. It has to be said that the heroes in the offer are divided on the attackers close up and those who burn from afar and are still a bit of balance. Some are simply more efficient and fewer, especially in the first fights after being laid off on the island until you have a proper fit on your character. But if you live long enough, you can be strengthened accordingly.

In the beginning everything will explain you a clear tutorial and then it is not bad to try it against AI and bot. They are still weaker than live players, but it is a place to test different spells and character abilities. Or, if you can not connect to the online game, it is good, but there is no problem yet. Let's see how it will be after the initial breakdown.

In a full PvP mode with free for all elimination, you will first find yourself at an island merchant where you can buy some skill and a consumable item for the initial coins. There are other players around you and you can attack yourself but it is still without injuries. You do not have to wait so loudly in the lobby until you have enough opponents, but you have a short preparation time.

Then you will really fly out of the sky and jump where you find it best. If there is a different player near you, you can fight or hurt immediately, or raise your mobile animal and run away until you get ready to confront opponents. Ideally, you can scrape the surroundings and get as much as possible from the goules, which are almost habadej. Some need to break, others activate when you sit for a while. They look like coins, different objects and especially abilities. Everything has its meaning, except you have to choose sometimes.

Your character has three slots for consumable items, that is, healing odors and other disposable supplements. But for example, you can also create a defensive turret. In the next four slots, an equipment that strengthens your resistance, increases the speed or effect of weapons. Especially pleased to acquire skills. Every hero has its own predetermined, but begins with only one basic attack that you activate with the left mouse button. Other abilities must first be found and collected on the island (or buy), possibly with improvements. They are automatically, by default, assigned to the right mouse button, space, and other keys. You can use abilities unlimited but require some time to regenerate. And when you're lucky, you'll get one special with an extraordinary effect. For example, you will freeze all enemies around.

So when you pack up and collect enough things and attacks, you have a greater chance of survival and more fighting options. The game currently offers only one, but rather comprehensive, map for 30 participants. However, there are the well-established Battle Royale games, so you will not be camping, as the play zone is gradually shrinking. In order for players to avoid poisonous fumes, they are forced to move to an increasingly smaller area where they can no longer avoid confrontation. The winner usually decides in about ten minutes, so you can play the game without difficulty even if you do not have much time. Naturally, you can perish even earlier and that's what ends for you because there is no respawn.

In addition, there is an event happening on the island, which means that bonus chests appear in selected locations, or you can look for supplies that are airborne. Of course, these are places where there is a greater concentration of enemies who want to improve as you do. Terrain also includes teleports, objects that blow you up for a while, so you can move around but also notice other players. It's just a shame that although there is a landscape with different surfaces, open landscapes and buildings, the surface is undeformed, and common objects, such as barrels, are indestructible. A suitable tool is a mini map and an enlarged map where you can see terrain and red crosses in places where someone has died. According to this, you can estimate the position of the remaining players.

Battle Royale can be seen first and foremost from traditional online stocks. In this case, however, this is a top view of fantasy characters in the style of traditional MOBA strategies. And as it turned out, even in such a version it works reliably. Battlerite Royale will actually be able to quickly acquire an absolute layman, and then you just have to find a suitable tactic, for example, sometimes hiding and at the right time fighting for tooth-nail survival. After buying a game you no longer pay for anything else (only if you want to get some quick stuff) and it is virtually nothing in the fresh version with pre-access. And fans of the genre who want to experience their favorite mode in a slightly different way, we definitely recommend it. And let's not forget, you can also try it with a friend in Duo fashion.

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