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An unusual adventure from the French developers' Digixart is on its own, peaceful way. It does not require the player to look, reflex, and end up somehow, even if you do not want too much. The story, which is narrated through a pair of heroes, does not have an original basis, but the narrative itself can catch your heart whenever you do it honestly. And finally, the fortunes of two lost souls on the front are precious, even though they look at themselves from behind the trenches, which is a matter of fact that belongs to this genre. Just as the thoughts of the wickedness of the war can slip into the pathetic tat, they can, on the contrary, experience a personal conflict and an attempt to survive independently of the one to whom you cope. Atmosphere dense, but occasionally even unpleasantly tripping.

The most important thing about 11-11 Memories Retold is, it's talking. Kurt is the father of the family, who is picked up on the queue after a report about missing son Max. The search follows him through the love of your father to your descendant, and you do not care that Kurt stands on the side of the Nazis. It does not really matter what speech you are talking about. By the way, every nation communicates in their speech, the Germans in German, Canadians in English and the French do not understand. The situations of the two nations are more credible. The second hero is Henry, a young boy with a hobby in photography, who wants to dress the beautiful Julia. She believes that the uniform will be exactly what she's definitely getting her heart. Stupid idea, but it's already a young man who is thrown into a bloody mill on human flesh, the name of a war that will kill everyone.

It's the story that drives you in advance. In order to know the fate of the characters, you move forward and forth. At first glance, a regular part of adventures, but leaf communication with families and loved ones adds an even more depressing touch to the atmosphere. Also by writing letters you have the choice of what you write. You can deceive yourself with a merciful lie, mourn, comfort or share the unpleasant feelings and cruel truth. The war is raging everywhere, and the head of a family wandering with the dead young boys is missing where they may need it. Though you feel in your mouth an unpleasant smell of action revelations that put the heroes in an even worse situation with an inevitable end full of pain and (unnecessary) human suffering. Everything is happening inconspicuously, without much support for gameplay and the pace of such slugs that it sometimes unnecessarily pulls away from the raging conflict paradoxically.

Composition of all stamps of the story mosaic is not only a matter of course in the game, it fulfills the basic task (something to take, take, repairs, talk), but in most cases it is necessary to leave the previously marked path. The search for various notes therefore has a slightly counterproductive effect. Not at least inconspicuously forcing the player to explore the environment. But in connection with the main task of quickly bringing water to the cooling of machine guns, it is preferable to find here and there bonuses where developers reveal the bloody bits of the bloody past. You do not have to, but they are important parts of the puzzle of war conflict.

The gameplay is simple, straightforward and sometimes flat. The tax on a strong narrative has already condemned several adventures in the eyes of hardcore players. A limited environment gives different barriers a clear indication of where and what you can do. Often go just behind your nose. Find an object that you give someone to move forward or just come to the end of the journey. Shifting characters gives different views on the development of the war and is often in sharp contrast. Father looking for a son amongst the dead against a young boy. The time comes when the characters meet and have to help: one activates the mechanism while the other is picked into the underground for an important subject. Refreshing passages where you play for a cat or a pigeon flight, but very fast frost like the more segmented segments (tunneling, electrical connection, ...)

What makes 11-11: Memories Retold sure you are immediately interested in is technical processing. The music from the pictures is hard to suck, but the chamber sound of the individual passages has a tingling charm, and with its simple motifs, the piano compositions pour under the skin. Olivier Delivière (Vampyr, Remember Me) has mastered his role on the unit. Whilst dubbing is unobtrusive, it does not protrude, but it is far more natural. As mentioned above, every character speaks in their native language. And hear that dubbing is done to excellent. Even thanks to monologues. Henry spoke to Elijah Wood, who does not need to represent himself in any way, and in his voice he senses the youthful indiscretion and the bitter discovery of the reality of what war is. When Sebastian Koch talks in the role of Kurt, the word "The Lives of Others," turns every word into the player's soul as a hammer and the trouble of directing him. Sometimes there is less and more is enough if the main heroes have a soul thanks to dubbing. The other characters, except for Bannett, are insignificant.

The graphic processing of oil-painting in the style of Impressionism is fresh. Smaller levels of detail do not matter for styling that can create exciting moments. You could fit in a realistic version with the dust of subtlety and boldness, but the fine brush strokes revive the scenery mainly in the exteriors. The tunnels in Vima are virtually unobtrusive and dozens, but they still watch the game well. Sunshine Paris is in sharp contrast to the war front, not to mention the Somme posed by human bodies, omnipresent mud, bunkers, and spring, enlivening nature. If you see this beauty in the background with a dead tree, an explosive wreck tank, you will understand. Some psychedelic moments lead to the right hallucinogenic atmosphere, the flight of the pigeon, though written, again confirms the animality of the whole conflict.

Everything is fine, but only until the moment you look. Once you want to play - and that's what you are going to do - it's all blurry in the motion, tears, and your eyes are subjective, it's sicker than it would be. It is difficult to know the different details that are being wiped out in a subtle patlanine. The minimalism drowned in crotch supports a limited movement component of characters that are fierce. Once you have to adjust to each active subject in front of you, in a well-defined space, otherwise you do not take the letter or you do not interfere with someone else. We get to an unpleasant juncture: the story is well written, you want to know what happens and the game is well watched, you still want to play the static pictures. But as soon as everything moves in, the graphics are out of focus and hard to hit for easier gameplay that just goes ahead and contains many empty situations.

Despite the fact that the 11-11 Memories Retold game has nothing to offer and presents no challenge, the game has its own charm. It is the conflict itself, which, unfortunately, is overlooked and supported by great narratives. All lovers of adventures with a strong atmosphere, action-oriented, should play it. And to oppose the fact that it actually plays alone and similar hearts of breaking moments we have already had many, it is unnecessarily cynical. Because Digixart has created a nice game about a bad past that needs to be remembered not to repeat itself. For war does not cause heroes, but only misery.

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