Video game franchises that have been squeezed out

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Developer companies will always be willing to release new video games over time, they do this with the aim of continuing to entertain the gamer public but also to get the profit from sales per unit sold.

However, when they see potential in a video game they are able to squeeze every last drop of it, releasing an enormous amount of sequels and parallel stories. This can sometimes make the videogame a bit monotonous, but when it becomes famous its followers will continue acquiring it.

We can appreciate this in many video games, this time I'll show you 4 franchises that since they were launched have been over-exploited by their developers.

Megaman – Rockman

One of the classics of yesteryear, Megaman for many represents their school in the world of video games. Since 1987 Capcom has developed and distributed a huge amount of games on the symbolic character on multiple platforms such as PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, etc.

To date they have released a total of 91 games, a fairly significant figure considering that 32 years have passed since their release, averaging almost 3 games per year. In addition, when many think that this character is already forgotten we are surprised with a new title.


Video games, movies, animated series, toys and many other things are related to this franchise. Since it was released for the Game Boy in 1996, it would be the beginning of the most reused video game sequence of all time.

Each of their deliveries are similar, however, it changes the generation of monsters, making capturing them all the main objective of every trainer. On the other hand, they have also released games that have nothing to do with the original plot, for example, Pokémon Pinball.

Resident Evil

The Survival Horror classic that debuted on the first PlayStation in 1996. Each of its sequels attracted many followers and fans who eventually wanted another video game to follow the excellent story that all hooked them.

There was a time when the franchise had a decline, but this was no reason to stop the wave of games they launched, having a total of 70 titles since its inception, a figure that indicates how much the name of Resident Evil has been squeezed over the years.

Street Fighter

The school of many of the fighting video games, Street Fighter is one of the most famous titles of all time. Since its second installment appeared it caused a great revolution within the video game industry, becoming a reference for many developers in the future.

But its success would unleash an infinite number of franchise games, squeezing absolutely everything in each of its deliveries, having a total of 52 games which many of them are similar, just add some additional characters and costumes with some extra to justify the new title.

Do you know of a video game franchise that has been exploited over the years? Tell me what you think in the comments section.

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Need for Speed. EA was milking this franchise, until it seemingly nobody cared anymore. But EA being EA, they just kept squeezing. Although since 2013 they switched back to a two-year release cycle, instead of releasing a new game every year. Also the latest title in the series (NfS Heat) should be quite good.

Certainly need for speed has been one of the most squeezed franchises, that has made its quality decline over time to the point that nobody pays attention to it anymore, only the newest players and fans of the saga.

Pokemon is my favorite to get milked off of. lol xD

And they'll keep doing it. Don't worry. XD

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