Murderous Pursuits Review

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The guys from Blazing Griffin wanted us to be in the midst of the maelstrom of battle royale and pixelated indie titles, a somewhat different experience due to its game system and its characteristics. Welcome to Murderous Pursuits , a game whose appearance and characteristics will powerfully remind you of The Ship (it depends on the majors you are) and the multiplayer mode of Assassin's Creed in the deliveries in which they tried to get us to count on him. All aboard this bloody cruise, there is much to be done to kill. And honestly, we hope that you are not very delicate when it comes to removing others from the middle …


We are Murderers

No, it is not a pro natura manifesto in a square pissed off by the consumption of meat, let us talk about our character in the game. We are killers who received a delicate invitation to participate in a beautiful cruise full of emotions: Mr. X gives us a pass and a series of targets to kill without being seen. But with one condition: neither tells us who they are or anything. It sounds complicated, right? The truth is that the irregularity of the Murderous Pursuits experience goes largely by its playability. And, on the basis, we are going to spend a long time making ourselves pass through NPCs.

And it is that there will be about 8 "human" players (yes, it is an online game) in each game, which will be mixed with travelers controlled by the machine and who will aim to kill each other but go unnoticed. To guide us, we have a series of signals that become stronger as we get closer. Indicator of proximity, or that we look at the type (or type) in question ... and we will have to find them and "pick them", without failing in objective and above all, without being seen. It is better to behave erratically during the previous moments.


Once we have learned how this works, we can give the party finished. Yes, friends, we are facing the real problem of this game for PC : we have a quite small scenario, a base of players scarce (it took us a long time to find who to play with the killers) and with a premise that only has certain variations thanks to the inclusion of a pair of complementary skills (that improve detection at close range, for example) and that remain active during the game. For the rest, we expect monotony , and a feeling that what once was a surprise, now does not worry us.

It is quite curious, because we are aware that we are describing just the kind of experience that today seems to sell. In a different field, but with a similar result, we have games like Dead by Daylight. At the other extreme (but it is a comparison to some respectable extent), PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Scenario, players, and kill yourself. Without being killed before, if possible. Play, kill / die and repeat, again and again. However, this style so framed in a kind of "mystery" that is enhanced by the Victorian atmosphere inside the boat (that something smells like Agatha Christie is always an incentive) make it a product with little to contribute.



In fact, technically it's pretty lame . The designs are not bad, even the boat is "pretty". The characters are not milk, but comply, and the detail ... there we started to limp more than the protagonist of Layers of Fear . There are many aspects (such as lighting) that do not measure up in the year we are in, even if we subscribe this game to the circle of indie releases.

The good part is that the questionable graphic quality does allow the title to be played in quantity of equipment: it is not bad for the work of "management" of resources of our team that is done. In the sound section, we are not going to throw the bells on the fly either: it surrounds and accompanies. Nothing else. That's right: the fact that they have bothered to interpret the texts is not bad.

Three or four games later, unless we are literally playing with our friends (or touch us in the chat with a handful of people wanting to have fun doing ridiculous things), Murderous Pursuits will have finished our patience and lost our interest. And that's the worst thing that can happen to a game today. Become boring, tedious And the other scourge: there were so few active players when we played, that we know that more than one supposed player was also a bot. A game for a specific audience, made with good intentions , but with a result that leaves much to be desired in many aspects, the most important of which is the lack of novelty and the almost total absence of real motivation to carry out the murders . Unless we want someone, of course.



Murderous Pursuits is a game so irregular that any would say that it capsizes like the own boat in which it is set. "Direct action" but at the same time an experience so irregular that it surprises because of the repetitiveness of its approach (and the poor visual quality it shows). A title for a very specific audience, fans of a genre that does not have many exponents, or those who were left wanting more multiplayer in some Assassin's Creed.