Ash of the Gods: Redemption Review

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The narrative and tactical games are having a second legacy at this point, largely thanks to the indie market. A series of titles that have as characteristic a strange download of epic content that is seasoned with the tranquility of battles in turns and long dialogues. It already happened with The Banner Saga, and now Ash of the Gods: Redemption. The game comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC (analyzed version). Now let us talk about the proposal, its approach and whether it is worth embarking on a large-scale battle.

Ash of Gods: Redemption offers a story of great background and medieval setting that makes many think of the dangerous intricacies of society and war in dark and convulsive times. To do this, it uses a series of scenes of drawings that strongly resemble the aforementioned The Banner Saga , and mixes with combat and with dialogues of long duration and in which the answers are basic for the evolution of events, especially Face to know what happens and to know more thoroughly all the characters that take part in the plot.


About The Game

The game offers us 2 ways to take part in it: on the one hand there is the classic mode in which we are going to fight in the same conditions as the enemy and therefore we will have to throw away much more tactics . It is the "difficult" option but it is also the most recommended, because the game experience is much more complete. On the other hand is the story mode, simpler at the level of combat , with constant superiority over the enemy and with the sole intention that we immerse ourselves in the story, almost as if it were a graphic novel.


Combat System

The combat system works in turns, in a grid that reminds us of Fire Emblem and whose use will depend on the good performance of the combat according to the units that we control and the study of the environment so that our attacks are the best and those we receive, the least harmful possible. But the learning curve is rather thorny: although you do not have to receive many explanations to understand how it works, the "classic" mode will make you sweat blood more than once.


Confrontations and Dialogues

They are confrontations of not too long but they are quite fierce, in which an error is paid dearly. The other side of the coin are the endless dialogues, which usually take place between the combats and the (stunning) video scenes. It is not that they modify the experience in an explosive way, but that they are responsible for the story and its function is to tighten the argument string with the interactions between the different characters, providing an emotive and epic component. However, we can not avoid not feeling particularly enthralled by the conversations. Nothing ends up being overly gravity, and it can be said they wanted to give more drama to the story they really know how to transmit.

You're sure to leave the corduroy at Erasmus parties while they drink you in an oversight, but at the time of a title that is generally narration and dialogues that try to load of intensity ... not funny at all. In fact, it can be categorized as quite nonsense . But on the other hand, we also have an interesting multiplayer system that makes the overall feel of the game change. It is available from the beginning, and offers a much more interesting competitive experience .



Technically, we are dealing with a work of art. It is an indie game, which many did not expect to have a triple A in three dimensions, but yes, following once again the wake of The Banner Saga, all the drawings have been made by hand. All the action takes place in an enlightened way, and in general, we are facing an experience that visually comes both for its color and for the setting . Brown colors in general, dramatic movements ... artistically , there is nothing to complain about. we will realize that in general everything looks quite small.


Let's talk about music , and that's another song. Great compositions by Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz and Michał Cielecki, who have already taken charge of other great titles in the past and that now repeat with a great series of synthesized compositions with great success. Probably, if there is a section that we like, this is especially, because it is able to get us to "deeper" the game, even when events do not fill us completely.

Game Details


Publisher---------------Buka Entertainment

Writer-------------------------Sergey Malitsky

Composer-------------------Adam Skorupa,
Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz,
Michał Cielecki

Platform-----------------Microsoft Windows,

Release Date---------------March 23, 2018

Genre------------------Tactical role-playing, roguelike, Card game

Mode-------------Single-player, multiplayer



Fun, although somewhat "bland" despite trying to pose as an intense narrative experience. It serves both for fans of the stories and for active players of the tactical role. Good combat system, although somewhat difficult in the first steps. Many dialogues, a lot of history and good video scenes . A resemblance to The Banner Saga that removes the head but at the same time with an authentic display of good taste. We are facing a product designed for a specific audience. If you like this genre, you must have an appointment with it.

Happy Gaming!!!


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