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This week, gamers can snag a free copy of the indie dungeon crawler Creature in the Well created by Flight School Studio and MWM Interactive.

Creature in the Well is the first dungeon crawler I have ever heard of that was inspired by pinball machines. Actually, it is probably the only non-pinball game I have seen that was inspired by a pinball machine.

Hack and slash your way through desert mountains as a BOT-C unit and try to restart an ancient power facility and free the city of Mirage.

Creature in the Well has a retro colored drop down minimalist style aesthetic with a science fiction dystopian storyline.

Add another $14.99 to your video game collection for FREE with Creature in the Well until April 1st 2021 8AM PST.

🤑 After this game, my total free Epic Games Store games comes to OVER 💲$2000!!

Have you ever played Into Creature in the Well ? If so, how did you like it?

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