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In the world of video games there are a lot of games that may not have been given the merit they deserve, being totally undervalued. Being the Final Fantasy saga one of my favorite games I think that Final Fantasy VIII, that one of those games that is quite undervalued and one of those who has more mixed opinions about their valuation, despite not being my favorite Final Fantasy, FFVIII in my opinion is a good enough decent and recommended.

Without further details, today a Retro Review of Final Fantasy VIII


Seeds is an elite group of the army of the world where we are, they are in charge of fighting all evil that threatens their world and in this group is where our main protagonist Squall Leonhart, (although at first it is still a student of the academy where they instruct the future members of Seeds), he is a rather lonely young man and a person who expresses little of his feelings.

As I said, the Seed are in charge of fighting those who threaten the peace of their world, in this case the main villain is a Witch, with the typical plan of world domination, this was one of the aspects that I did not like in the Final Fantasy VIII, compared to one the best RPGs as it was Final Fantasy VII, which brought an argument in its history so revolutionary, the next installment should take aspects of its predecessor and improve them so that they create something better for the public, but final fantasy viii stayed with the basics, In that aspect.

Final Fantasy VIII is a story where they show in a certain way how young people prepare for war, a war that could end all that the protagonists want more in the world or end once and for all with evil, throughout history our main protagonist Squall, is evolving personality as he gets to know his teammates and all the experience that happens throughout the game. The first time I played Final Fantasy VIII, I realized that it is a game that knows how to convey the correct feelings to tell a story and also knows how to develop the characters in such a way that in the end the player feels the need to identify with them .


In my opinion, this is one of the Final Fantasy that features some of the more mature stories, demonstrates in a good way the prelude to a future war and how the characters feel about it and in addition to having enough turns in history that left many with the open mouth of the impression. Although I am very sure that one of the aspects by which many people do not end up liking Final Fantasy VIII, is due to its main protagonist and his attitude so distant that keeps for a long time in the game, in addition another reason can be the relationship of love between the two main protagonists, since often is left to take into account what happens around to be focused on them two, although that was an aspect that I did not think so bad, I'm sure many did not like it.


Final Fantasy VIII graphically made a big leap compared to its predecessor, where you could notice more definition both in the pre-loaded backgrounds, as in the characters themselves.

With respect to the characters, the level of detail was a wonder and something that amazed many players when they turned on their Playstation 1 with the Final Fantansy VIII disc in it. Not only the characters were seen with better detail, also the modeling was much better unlike Final Fantansy VII, where in Final fantasy VII at the time of moving around the world, the characters had a design more akin to a caricature, but in the Final Fantasy VIII the models were more like a normal person, no doubt this was a big change when it comes to the saga.

Both the invocations animations and the map backgrounds were greatly improved in this game, as it is always customary in the Final Fantasy the animations of battle always something spectacular, since they always look for to impress the player with this aspect.

In the scenarios you can see a level of detail much greater than the previous Final Fantasy, in addition to having a large number of them, each one specially designed for the world that presents this game, in addition to that compared to final fantasy vii, in Final Fantasy VIII we are before a world much more forward to the future, in such a way that they knew how to translate with great quality in this game, in general this game has more "realistic" graphics compared to the previous ones.




As in all final fantasy, the musicalization in this is maintained with almost perfect composition level, is that no one should be surprised that one of the most worked aspects of all Final fantasy is his soundtrack, Final Fantasy VIII has some of the best melodies that are representative of the whole saga, and although you are not a fan of video games, but if you are of music, you should not stop listening to this fantastic soundtrack:

Video Author


Another detail that perhaps did not like many people, is that in Final Fantasy VII was used the system of materia that both revolutionized the saga and many people expected this same system in Final Fantasy VIII but improved, instead did not choose to include it.


The battles are still in turns, something that is characteristic of RPG, but in final fantasy viii the characters are not divided according to their abilities, for example: magician, warrior or sorcerer, in Final Fantasy VIII all the characters have the same capacity to learn the same, to put it somehow, and the battle system is based on the absorption of the magic of the enemies that we find in such a way that by absorbing their magic we can defeat them, taking into account that every enemy we encounter has a different type of magic.


In the game we can collect a lot of magic in each character, honestly this game mode does not displease me, although I have to admit that at first I found it strange not to have characters specialized in something specific. In the same way the invocations are obtained by fighting with the bosses and adsorbing them, these invocations can be used in the same way by any character that is in our management.

Although my favorite Fantasy Final is IX, I do not consider the Final Fantasy VIII a bad game, the days when I played it entertained me enough, but many people did not like this game, because Final Fantasy VII left the saga at its best and we all know what it meant Final Fantasy VII for the world of video games, and for many Final Fantasy VIII meant a setback to the saga, but that is something that I do not consider it to be so, we must admit that it is no better than VII, but Final Fantasy VIII is still a game quite recommendable even today.


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I agree, FFVIII is underappreciated relative to the other FF games. In many ways, as I grow older, I think FF8 is the best. The character driven storytelling and the Laguna arc are powerful, and I think the soundtrack is second only to 6. The draw/card/junction system leads to some interesting ways to play through the game as well.
Another great game, thanks fred.


Doing this review, I felt like making a list of underrated games. In the future I might do it.

I love FFVIII and I love it as equally as FFVII... I think VIII has better protagonist character: Squall is very well-written and his personalty contradictions are more interesting, and that's saying something since Cloud of VII is amazing too.

I didn't like the battle system (the GF system) as much as I liked ealier systems. though I agree it's very innovative. I liked FFVII (materia system) and even FFIV more (active-time battle system) which is the same but without the GF.

This one of the games I played on PS1 and I want to play the steam version too!!


I am more of FFIX, but FFVIII is pretty good too.


When I'll play FFIX my opinion will be less biased so, for now I only compare VIII and the ones before...

Some games have not been given the required credit but as we roll out more reviews people will know about them @freddbrito

This game is absolutely underrated and underappreciated. They should do a remake. The junction system along with the GF's were a very good concept.

I really love your post btw, bro. Brings backs the good 'ol times. Renzokuken!