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Good community, greetings to all those who love games. This time I bring you a presentation and review of my team that used to compete in the game Mighty Party. I will explain the details, skills and the type of heroes, in addition, the Lord of war. If you want to know more about this game, you can check my previous publication: Mighty Party Role Play

Before mentioning and describing my team in the game, it is important to know that there are several types of cards or heroes. These types are normal, rare, epic and legendary, being their races of order, chaos and nature. These cards have their attacks (ATK), life (HP), level, in addition to their gender. The normal cards are brown edges, the rare ones are blue, the purple ones are epic, while the legendary ones have a yellow place on the edge.

Hero levels

Every Hero starts at level 1, and to level them up, you must have enough cards and gold. Hero rarity affects the gold cost of leveling up. For more information about how many cards you need, go to Level Costs.

Each level grants the Hero additional stats, like HP or ATK, and at levels 3 (only Legendaries), 6, 11, 16, 21 and 26 they get an improvement to their skills.

Leveing up Heroes also gives you experience to your rank level::

  • Common gives 10 rank exp
  • Rare gives 15 rank exp
  • Epic gives 20 rank exp
  • Legendary gives 30 rank exp

My Team:

Squad is the current Warlord that you use, and 8 player-chosen Heroes that go into the fighting team. There is variety of options, that you can use to improve it, most of which are below.

Warlord: Bear

The warlord I use is the Bear, who has 250 Life (HP). Among its abilities is to activate the thorns, which do 20 damage to the enemy's heroes. In addition, silence (Remove all skills) to the heroes, the third and last of my Warlord is to increase the attack of nature cards to +10.


  • Doña Agonía

This is Legendary of the Chaos and Archer type. It has an attack power of 54 and a life of 25. Within its abilities we find that it transforms all the heroes of the battlefield that have suffered damages in crystals with 0 attack and 40 life, where each crystals at the beginning of the turn increases the attack of agony. The second ability of this card is to deal 15 damage to enemies for each crystal in the field and finally upon dying it deals 15 damage in the enemy's Warlord.

  • Shao Lin

Legendary letter of the Order and attacker type. It has 43 attack and 77 HP. Within its abilities we have that it gives immunity to be silenced to all the allies of the order (Including the same one), when attacking gives +11 of increase in the attack to all the allies in the field and when dying it kills a random enemy.

  • Lord of Death

Legendary letter of the type Chaos and attacker. He has 31 Attack and 81 Life. Within its 3 abilities we have to call to sombis in its same column with attack and 10 HP, transform an enemy enemy in sombi with 2/2 and at the end of the turn receive +10 attack for each Sombi.

  • Ghosta

Legendary Letter of Order Type and Archer. He has 51 attack and 30 life. Within his abilities we find that when attacked his warlord kills an enemy at random, by attacking he harms by taking 15 life for every attack in the field the enemy warlord and drills 13.

  • Kung Fucius

Legendary Nature Charter and attacker. It has 25 ATK and 77 HP. Within the abilities that this card has, we have to increase its attack +10 for each heroes killed in the field, Immunity to be Transformed, also gives the ability to two enemies in the field to leave a rune of damage of 16.

  • Jaxy, The Fist of Thunder

Legendary Hero of Order type and attacker, with 32 ATK and 53 HP. His skills are Attacking twice, getting 7 blocking by adjacent heroes and evading attacks by archers.

  • Melia, Daughter of the forest

Legendary Nature Letter, with 29 ATK and 45 HP. Their abilities are that at the end of the turn they poison the enemies causing them 9 damage, when the poison is activated it damages the enemy Worlord between 10 and 16 and when the thorns are activated in an ally it gives +10 of life to all the allies in the field.

  • Mr. Flap

Legendary Letter of Chaos Type and attacker, with 32 of ATK and 67 HP. Its main abilities are Immunity (It can not be purified, transformed, nor have damages by thorns and poisoning, among other things) and when dying an ally damages enemies.

All the images of this Post are Capture of the game made by @ franz54.

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Without saying more, your cordial servant says goodbye.

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