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One of my favourite games is Crusader Kings 2 - Especially now, with all the updates and DLC.

This game got better and better with every update.
I was surprised to see it was first released in 2012.

The game was developed by Paradox and runs on the Clausewitz-Engine.
(Also used for the Europa Universalis series)

It's very unusual and a bit harder to get into - Then, it offers a lot of long-term fun and epic games.

The map even covers India - Let's see how far I can conquer.

I start my game in the early middle ages in 900 AD.
As a character, I created a custom nobleman by the name of

Ljutomisl Babonic

He will be the founder of the Babonic dynasty.

Since the game is somewhat educational, I wanted to start in Croatia (I feel like I know too little about the area).
Ljutomisl Babonic is of Croatian culture and his religion is Slavic.

I start as the count of Zachlumia.

I have no known relatives, so I need to have children, quickly.

The game combines strategy and role-playing features and apart from conquering, you need to make sure to have suiteable offspring to keep your titles and lands.
In other words, I need to breed children, to create a long lasting dynasty.

I picked Ljutomisl's character traits to be as fertile as possible.
I had to take some disadvantages for it - so poor LJutomisl is fat, shy and lazy.
In return, he is strong and his children might actually inherit this feature.

I will convert my dynasty to Catholic later, but for now Slavic religion allows me to have 3 concubines along with my wife.
This should increase my chances to have strong sons.

I got married to a Croatian wife and set up my council.
I sent my spymaster to fabricate a claim on the county of Usora.
Until that works, I'm saving money and waiting for my wife or concubines to become pregnant ...

I can quickly dismiss my concubines, but my wife Capeka of Ludbreg is not at my court, but working as a priestess in Varazdin.
I hope she won't give me trouble - I doubt I can plot to kill her there. ( At my own court that's a different story )
I had no money to make her a gift after our wedding, so she doesn't like me much.

Mainly, I want to rule Croatia - but maybe the pope calls for a holy war.
Let's see how this goes.

Graphic-wise, the game has nothing spectacular to offer.

When it comes to game mechanics, the game is something new

I would give this 94% with a bonus for innovation.

I hope next post I can show off some titles and explain more, why this game is so awesome.

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