The Sloppy Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Tomb Raider's remake grabbed my heart from the start and held it tightly. But the sequel is a... Regression.

The first Tomb Raider from the reboot is wonderful. An action adventure miracle into which a lot of effort and love have obviously been put into it. You can feel you're really going through the steps of Lara Croft as she becomes the world's fiercest archaeologist.

However, as you progress into Rise of the Tomb Raider, there is no real immersion. It is a bland continuation from the previous title. There is a lot of content, but quantity has clearly been favored over quality. It takes many more hours to beat and it is full of achievements along with oh-so-many optional tombs to explore.

Every step you take offers a small challenge, even when it doesn't need any. The game tries so hard to show off it's gameplay, it becomes just a game in the end, instead of another grand and captivating adventure.

The ice blocking your path has a huge building you can use to break it. The enemies have closed the gate while giving you just the right tool to open it. You'd be stranded two dozen times over if it weren't for natural disasters or opposing factions blatantly giving you a way out while trying to kill you.

What's worse, Lara relies on her luck! So many rushed blind jumps throughout her quest will leave you wondering if she even learned anything from her last endurance.

You also don't even need to think, because using your Survival Instincts by pressing Q will just give you the answer to every puzzle you run into during the main campaign. There is a meta-game yelling "HAVE FUN PLAYING ME" in your face before every corner.

Expect a lot and get even more from the Tomb Raider reboot, then get dissapointed with the sequel. This is Lara Croft's story development.

The good:
The average:

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looks pretty from your photo

Yeah, but the optimization is horrible. It demands a lot more PC power than it should.

Eeeuurch right ....I only ever use mid level gaming cards so thats out for me.

I have the equivalent to a GTX 1050 if that counts for any comparisons. It runs just fine, but it should be able to run a lot smoother than it does. You should look at playing the first game from the reboot. It wasn't made with a sequel in mind. It's well optimized and it's worth your time.

This picture? You really feel it in the game.

It's generally awesome.

Sometimes it's on sale for just a dollar or so:

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