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Wow i came across this game and i must day i really fall in love with it. This particular game caught my attention in so many angle as it talk about the story line is so superb and matured. If you knows alot about role playing game, you should be happy you got a hold at this one.

Now let us move a bit to what you need to know.


In this lovely massively multiplayer, role playing game, it is either you win or loose one things must happen here. So it all goes to a point were you fight and conquer other kingdom or citoes and add it tonyours thereby expanding or growing your kingdom as you embark on a ride .to Be an elite ruler over all the lands therein. So teamup with other great fighters as you promised to deliver as success is the only sure thing on your lip.

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This game called DAWN OF TITANS was developed by NATURAL MOTION GAMES, A BIG COMPANY THAT WE HAVE BEEN Hearing their NAME BEFORE as they RESIDE IN USA. This is a big company in the gaming platform and world. NATURAL MOTION GAMES produce this game in the andriod market and have been updating it since for long now but this recent update is done on the 7th of December, 2017 wow such a recent upgrade as you will enjoy alot.
So as i was saying for you yo get this game i mean this lovely game running on your phone, you need a space of 0.97GB and it is a version of 1.20.6

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Talking from my anle, the game graphic by Natural moyion games to this current game is top notch and superb so i will advice any body to get hand on this game although alot of ads will be encountered when playing this game lol i called them side talk. You have to prove ypur worth as you fight and conquer kingdoms. So anybody that is strong seals the show.

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THe controls to this aweome gamr done by game loft is just to easy and superb. With nothing or zero thing to worry about, you are free to Enjoy The normal balamnces of game control as the toggling and matching is awesome. Wish you the very best.


I really love the game sound from this game not all thse type of game that the sound us off the balance as you will enjoy a rich and lovely time with this particular game As the sound will get you nodding to it.

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This lovely game developed by game loft and it full house team have packed A wodnerful and superb download rating of almost one thousdand plus from the andriod market and for you yo progres at times not been forced, you need to purchase some useful items which cosy around # One hundred and ninety five naira # 195 to Eighty thousand naira # 80000. So if you got the money, remember not been forced you can always enjoy the purchase.

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see you again with another post as you enjoy the game review about DAWN OF TITANS as i know you will find it lovely and enjoyable. Wish you the very best. Kudos As the game parked alot of positive comment and likes from the andriod market.

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The graphics of this game looks great... Nice review... Overall, I think this game will be interesting and fun to play...

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