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RE: Path of Exile | My Journey in Act I as a Clumsy Shadow

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Incursions can be a bit tricky till you are more set up to clear them out fast. I’m at a point now where I’m trying push into red maps and running the incursion inside is like trying do them for first time. Most times I get killed or can’t even kill the Architect in time or unlock a new door.

They become quite amazing once you start learning the rooms you really want and get to do a couple of runs to see what you get. Sometimes total waste of time and nothing. Other times amazing loot. Quite often I like to run them in lower tier maps just to 100% clear out an incursion for all the loot that drops once you are done and out. Quite a number of amulets and rings drop along with unique.

Once you start running labs to ascend your class some passive skills you pick up are amazing and can really give your class a strong sense of it being that! I hope you stick with things this game can be hard on new comers as it has quite a fair amount of learning!


Yep, it was total waste of time for me most of the time lol. You're put in a room full of OP mobs, then you have to kill either of the two architects, and open the doors... in 10 seconds. Yeah, tricky indeed.
But now since I have a dash ability (Whirling Blade) I'm having an easier time killing the architect. But still difficult to quickly find the Stone of Passage and unlock one of the doors. And I've never got a unique drop, eventhough I managed to kill the architect three(?) times.

I can't wait to be an assassin with the ascendancy class! It sounds amazing. And don't worry about the difficulty, I like it this way. And I hope it will still be difficult even when my character is in high level, otherwise it might get boring once I'm there.

After a while you learn to kill mobs to gain more time back on the clock and how to go about that in trying to manage the timer. Than you can work on taking down the Architect in chunks of need be. I've had times where there was over 20 sec remaining on the timer after it was all cleared so I just used a poral to leave instead of waiting around.

Some times I'll clear a little bit of one way towards the one I don't want kill then I'll move and clear out going to the one I want. Depends a lot on the loadout of the room you are in as well. Some times its just bad and you are not going get anything done.

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