Need your advice, fellow gamers!

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Hi everyone,
I've been making some gaming related posts a little while ago and was always delighted by the feedback I used to get in the gaming segment of Steemit.

So here I go - can anyone advice some good local multiplayer games for PC (preferably for controllers), something to chill and play with friends in the evening.

A big warm hug to everyone who would respond!


There are a select few games I tend to play. In terms of online multiplayer, I'm a huge fan of swtor. I used to play it with Xpadder, which allows you to use a controller. I actually just play it with lots of mouse clicks and my keyboard now. In terms of multiplayer content, there are a lot of fun flashpoints and ops to go through. There is a lot of story mode content that's really good too, and you can create a new character at level 65 like you can create one at lvl 0.

Aside from swtor, and at times SteemMonsters, I play console games. Several of my guild members from swtor have returned to WoW vanilla, but I've never tried WoW.

If you go swtor, the best ranged DPS classes are Jedi Sage as DPS, Sith Sorcerer (which is the mirror of a Sage) , Imperial Sniper, and Bounty Hunters (both types). Best melee DPS are the Jedi sentinels and Sith Marauders. Tanks are Juggernauts, or Jedi Guardian but best is a Bounty Hunter or Trooper as a tank. Healers are sorcs and sages, but best is Trooper Commando. That's all my own opinion of course.

Hope this helps.

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