Buying my first Axie (Axie Infinity Game Review)

in gaming •  3 months ago

I BOUGHT MY FIRST AXIE!! Axie Infinity is an online game built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. These adorable tomagatchi like monsters (called axies) are in-game digital collectibles that not only have ownership secured on ethereum, but they also are able to battle one another in a 3-on-3 fashion, thanks to the newly released beta version for battles!

check out the game, and hopefully I'll see you on the axie battlefield:

thank you for your time and attetntion, see you in the comments!

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That's a nice game

cool. Is the axie's like neopets? If you know what neopets haha


kind of. you can breed them and you keep ownership of them secured on ethereum. and then you can battle them. I dont think you coudl battle with neopets if i remember correctly. But yes! similar to Neopets. Damn! i forgot all about Neopets