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RE: Ghost Of A Tale - Playthrough #1 - Escaping From Our Cell

in #gaming3 years ago

What a funny game!

I like to play similar games where there is a lot of adventures, missions, and cutscenes. This game has interesting climate and I'm sure that it brings a lot of fun and entertainment. Maybe, when I find some time I will try to play it and tell you about my feelings about it. Please tell about yours :)

When it comes to quality of your video I have to say that I saw some looses of FPS. If you have nVidia, please check if you are recording on nVidia encoder. If not, fix it and you will have more FPS so the game and also video will be in better quality.

Thanks for this and always waiting for more. Keep doing!


Actually, I don't really why FPS drop like that. I played larger games without any troubles but not this one :/ You'll see a bit later in the game, there is a room where I lagged, like, a lot for no apparent reasons...

It is weird but hope that you will fix it :)