EmperorRotMK Campaign tips/review #9

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While playing this game I noticed many gaming tips and tricks that are posted on the internet, but there were no really helpful tips for completing the campaigns. Some of them can be really hard, even on very easy, and can take up many hours to even figure out.

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So here are some tips:

General tips:

  • Always start off slowly: do not rush any industry or agricultural buildings.
  • Start with a basic housing block, there are many different ways to do this so try each out till you get one you like. I prefer to do the one that you will see in each post. This is just a basic housing loop.
  • Improving buildings is key to getting max productivity in your town and will allow you to easily go into the agriculture phase.
  • Only once you have a steady sustainable flow of food into your housing blocks can you move over into the industrial phase.
  • Once in the industrial phase, start off slow by building only a few buildings as needed, better to keep your unemployment under 50 and have never have employees needed.
  • Once all of this is checked off it is time to start getting the trading and military going.
  • Always keep enough troops at base to defend it, once you have more armies than your enemy you will be able to demand trading and goods, if they refuse then a simple attack will make them bow down before you.

Campaign Tips

Screenshot (51).png

  • Impressive compounds will be the hardest objective in this level, make sure you keep enough space to build these buildings.

Screenshot (52).png

  • Crocodiles are really strong so the general watchtowers will not be enough to keep them back, also once they get a taste of your citizens blood they go on a rampage into your city killing everything. Use watchtowers to help defend but you will need some troops as soon as you can get them. Also avoid building close to the water.

Screenshot (53).png

  • You will be attacked multiple times in this level, although you wont need much to defend your base, you will need to trade for some weapons. This becomes a problem as you do not have enough cash or goods to trade with so watch your money carefully.

Screenshot (55).png

  • Yin is the best city to trade with, I was lucky enough to get them as I was on my last 600 cash. They will also give you a good variety of foods needed to upgrade your compounds.

Screenshot (54).png

  • If possible build more than 4 compounds as 4 compounds upgraded to max will give you the 80 population needed, but it takes long to get them all in. So build more to make your life interesting.


This is one of my most hated maps, crocodiles really suck as they can kill off so many of your walkers carrying important goods. I like the fact that things are starting to get more difficult and that you are forced to create those compounds.

Fun: Never before have I stressed so much, from getting attacked to having to kill of the crocodiles all the way to almost being bankrupt. This level definitely had its challenges and kept things really interesting. I enjoyed this level quite a bit, only down side was the trading options. 8/10

Design: I think someone made the cities very angry, starting out in this level you are already unpopular with the other cities, this makes things really hard as you need to defend and the only way to defend is with weapons you need to trade for with these angry people. It would of been better is you had one alliance or at least a strong trading partner to begin with. 6/10

Interaction: They really need to do something about those crocodiles, they are way to strong. It's also really irritating that you start off having to fix the whole maps road to try and get thing flowing properly. This wastes a lot of your time. 2/10

Story: I must say that the story for this level was pretty good and it gave some helpful hints as to how the land will be, but the objectives don't exactly match again. I think the developers of this game just wanted you to have a cool hero in this round. 7/10

If you are looking to download this game check search GOG where you can download the game and it will work on your new windows pc or mac. You can also download it for free at a few places.

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