EmperorRotMK Campaign tips/review #11

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While playing this game I noticed many gaming tips and tricks that are posted on the internet, but there were no really helpful tips for completing the campaigns. Some of them can be really hard, even on very easy, and can take up many hours to even figure out.

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So here are some tips:

General tips:

  • Always start off slowly: do not rush any industry or agricultural buildings.
  • Start with a basic housing block, there are many different ways to do this so try each out till you get one you like. I prefer to do the one that you will see in each post. This is just a basic housing loop.
  • Improving buildings is key to getting max productivity in your town and will allow you to easily go into the agriculture phase.
  • Only once you have a steady sustainable flow of food into your housing blocks can you move over into the industrial phase.
  • Once in the industrial phase, start off slow by building only a few buildings as needed, better to keep your unemployment under 50 and have never have employees needed.
  • Once all of this is checked off it is time to start getting the trading and military going.
  • Always keep enough troops at base to defend it, once you have more armies than your enemy you will be able to demand trading and goods, if they refuse then a simple attack will make them bow down before you.

Campaign Tips

Screenshot (64).png

  • The hardest one will be the weapons, but you can try a number of things to make it easier to complete.

Screenshot (65).png

  • Ceramics is the best thing to use to get your heros into your city, so make sure you have a good production.

Screenshot (66).png

  • So one of the methods I use is stock piling the goods needed to produce the weapons. This will help you when you start to produce them, always have more than what you actually need.

Screenshot (67).png

  • So I have been testing out a new housing block and almost have it perfected, I will show you the design in one of the next posts. This will help maximise population in a smaller space.

Screenshot (68).png

  • Once you have a warehouse full of iron you can start production, have about 6-8 weapon smiths will do the job, make sure to also start early in the year, no use starting near then end as you won't be able to reach the objective.

Screenshot (70).png

  • As usual you will get attacked, only having one army makes it hard to defeat the enemy, use a wall with towers on them to easily defend with few losses to your troops.

Screenshot (71).png

  • The monument will require a lot of clay and wood, easiest way to get these goods to the monument fast is by storing them right by the monument.

Screenshot (72).png

  • I messed up on the heros, start them as soon as you can as it takes really long, I didn't realise how long until I actually finished everything else before them.


Quite an enjoyable level, but some buildings were taken out that leave you with lower level housing. As far as most games go, each campaign and level should unlock new things not the opposite way around.

Fun: This map was really nice to play on, it had really good spacing for your different city areas. There wasn't much attacking involved as it is not easy to build a big army and I also didn't bother getting a big army. But getting attacked was quite fun. 8/10

Design: Very beautiful map layout which made building a lot of fun. Roads aren't laid out so this leaves you to deciding where you want to build what without any restrictions. The monument built was also really appealing compared to the piles of dirt which you built in previous campaigns. 8/10

Interaction: Without needing to trade and buy iron you got a steady supply from an ally who gifts pretty often, this really helps as you would be left really broke if you do not do well with trading and profit management. 9/10

Story: The story gives you one of the best hints ever, use the salt to get more income into your city. This works wonderfully as it keeps your finances steady, not the most profitable way of trading but it work. 9/10

If you are looking to download this game check search GOG where you can download the game and it will work on your new windows pc or mac. You can also download it for free at a few places.

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what a nice post, you have mentioned the tips and how to start work by a good sequence with beautiful pictures.