Chronus Arc (Switch) Review

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Had I known before ordering it that Kecmo was behind games like Dragon Sinker I never would have picked up the RPG Omnibus Collection that this came on. I don't know if I”m ever going to get around to the other three games on this collection with how much else I have to focus on right now, but if this game is anything to go off of buying this collection is a bad idea.

The story is so simple it's not even worth discussing. There is a very interesting idea behind the Time Rewinding aspect of the story, but it's just kind of a narrative plot point and never really feels like it adds anything other than an excuse to have a plot. Characters are walking cliche's, though nothing really bad. Stuff just kind of happens, you get a dull reaction from the characters, and the story moves on.


Combat is competent enough, though it's about as basic as you can get for an RPG. No real interesting mechanics, a lackluster class change system, and all the basic stuff you'd expect out of an old school RPG. Much like the story, nothing about it is bad, it's just that there isn't anything good to be found either. It's just a functioning product that exists.

If there was anything that could have been done it's how the overworld and dungeons all seem reminiscent of a fantastic game, Lufia 2. The problem is the puzzles are so dull and basic, many times confusing having a lot of steps to follow for a puzzle that actually requires thought, even this aspect of the game quickly becomes dull and repetitive.


Here's the problem with talking about games like Chronus Arc, and other Kemco games I've played, there is almost nothing to talk about. It's like they had the skeleton of an actual game but then decided to just release that rather than actually do anything with it. I can only find so many ways to sit here and criticize a game that has pretty much nothing to it, and I can't go into detail when the game hardly has any detail to go into.

Just avoid getting this one. Easy to do, as you would have to import it, and it's a shame because I want more of these Japanese companies who don't normally make US releases to make use of English Subtitles so that people have the options of importing them, something much more difficult to do when Nintendo still region-locked its systems. So follow Kecmo's example in that regard Japanese companies, just not the actual games. Those can be ignored.