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First off, I want to apologize for not posting in a hot minute. We are busy at work so they have needed me more, I've tried to stream more on twitch and this series has also gotten a great deal of my attention.


I have completed the tunnel between my Nether Hub and the main Nether Hub and it feels good to have that project behind me. It also makes travel between the two a breeze.

fishing house.png

I've made a home for the fisherman and his family to live in. It's nothing fancy, like the rest of village will be, because it is set in medieval times. Actually, I think my village will be filled with mansions for that period in time. I am sure common homes were much smaller then.


The inside of the fishing house has a kitchen on the main floor, a master bedroom on the second floor and a kids bedroom in the attic. The basement has an AFK Fishing Farm that works like a charm. Its nice to be able to fish and not actually have to be at my computer. The last photo shows some of the loot you can get while fishing.

town center.png

I decided where the town center will be and am quite happy with how it came out. Okay, so I am a little mean for making them walk down steps to get water from the well, but people were super strong back then... tee hee What can I say, sometimes the design comes first.

town center (1).png

I felt it was only right to make my first build on the town center a church and small grave yard. I may stick a larger graveyard elsewhere but this one was perfect for the church.


The inside of the church came out pretty good for the small space I gave myself for it. I put a bible study room in the basement and the Priests small bedroom upstairs. Don't tell anyone but I have been known to sleep in the Priests bed...

town hall.png

I made the Town Hall next. The main hall has seats and places to stand upstairs. I suppose important people took the seats while common people stood and watched from upstairs. The building also has a fancy Mayor's office upstairs and a meeting room in the basement.


I call this build the Hotel/Pub/Brothel. Hey, those medieval men needed to blow off steam... but we don't talk much about the brothel part of it all. One of the entry doors leads to the check in hall and the other leads to the pub. They connect on the inside for easy access to either space.

hotel (1).png

The bar area is quite large and even has a dragons head for decoration. The hotel rooms are upstairs and range from 1-3 beds in them. We don't ask why one might need a 3 person wide bed...


The attic of this building is the owners apartment. It is an open concept floor plan with two bedrooms. There is plenty of room to entertain their friends and important members of town.


We have finally made it to my current project. As you can see from the photos, I have added several stories to my downtown building. Not to mention my shop to buy the train tracks and such is finally open for business. I will be furnishing the new floors for this weeks video here shortly.

If you want to watch the latest episode that features the making of the Hotel/Pub/Brothel apartment, you can here:

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If You Are Reading This, I Hope You Have An Awesome Day!
Also Happy 4th of July to my American friends.

Photographs are owned by @debralee

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These look great Deb! Always glad to see you here and no apologies needed! xoxo


Thanks @deerjay, its always great to see you too! xoxo


You're very welcome! ❤


4th of July? Are you in some kind of time machine? lol Looks like you have been really busy with the build and will be open for customers soon. Good to see you back Deb. :-)


I wish it was the 4th of July, I love summer and our temps are more fall like now. lol I have been really busy, but I've also missed my Steemit friends.


Hopefully you missed all the drama from HF20. It was fun to watch though. :-)

You are going great guns. It’s good to see you on Steemit Deb but I can see why you are busy. ❤️


Thanks @redheadpei, I've missed you guys!

Wow, that looks great and you have it set up so pretty.



Wow girl, you are quite talented I see. That looks like hard work, but fun too I am sure.


Thank you, it does take up hours of time to get it all finished. I guess its a good thing I enjoy it. :P

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Thank you!

I was traveling, so missed this post. But will vote on a comment instead. Looks like a fun game and building project. I'm not good at them, so don't play. They always whup me good ( : The last one I tried, I just got stuck trying everything in the world, and never got over a bridge. The troll ate me. Sigh. Better stick to photos and writing...


Thanks, I've been having fun on the server for sure. :D I do love your photos and writing!