DarkPylon on SteemMonsters!

in gaming •  6 months ago

@DarkPylon is all about gaming, and especially about SteemitGaming! From @Darkflame's Random SBD Giveaways, to SteemGar, to this brand new card trading game @SteemMonsters!

My $5 booster pack was only 2.903 SBD !

"Steem Monsters is a collectible card game where card ownership and game results are all published and verifiable on the Steem blockchain."

"There is a starter pack consisting of 30 pre-selected cards that everyone is required to purchase in order to get started. Then additional 5-card booster packs may be purchased which have chances to contain powerful epic and legendary cards!

Every card will have a unique identifier and be recorded in a custom_json transaction on the Steem blockchain, along with the associated purchase or transfer transaction. That way card ownership can be independently checked and verified."

As a fan of Magic the Gathering, HearthStone and Pokemon; I am very excited to play this new game!

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little by little we are having more options to enjoy in the community.