Was Metal Gear able to Provide Us With a New ?

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Metal Gear series has always been one of the most prominent stealth and stealth games that has undergone significant changes compared to the latest version, whether it depends on the elements of the survival games completely
Metal Gear Survive takes place in the era between the Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes, to either find survivors or find more resources to secure its base or develop its equipment and weapons.

The game kicks off with an impressive cinematic scene that showcases the XOF attack on the mother base that Big Boss founded. Indeed, a research team was sent to the alternative world responsible for the spread of this epidemic on the surface of the earth, but contact with the team was interrupted a while ago and there is no hope of restoring their research except through Send the player on an almost impossible mission to recover the lost team and their data.

The reason is that the main character is infected, and if he is unable to finish the mission successfully and find data that includes a cure for this disease, he will die, not to mention the need to return to the mother base after carrying out almost every task. As for listening to details rarely containing important information, or to renew your resources and store the items that you found .

But when it comes to cooperative play with 3 other people, it becomes very random and difficult to follow the same method.

Where the development team decided for some reason to add key elements to the gameplay such as hunger and thirst, despite the absence of any importance behind this decision, except for the continuous warnings and needing chemical treatment first, and the same matter regarding the food that must be cooked properly before using it and restore the physical condition.

From my personal point of view, these small additions are not necessary except for the player to spend a longer period of wandering and exploration, but what is really ironic is that you burn water and food continuously even if the character has been standing still for some time, and in general individual play depends on these elements to a large degree Whatever task you touch or areas that you discover, you will need to follow the food and drink index, but in the process of cooperative play things become more difficult and therefore it is not recommended to address this pattern until after reaching level 15 at the very least, where you will find enemies more powerful and fast and you will not be able To withstand them because For a long time, unless you have advanced equipment and weapons, and high-ranking friends can help you.

This system is not only constantly inconvenient, but it directly affects the extent of your ability to explore and the distance you will travel before your forces begin to collapse, before obtaining distinctive clothing or increasing its combat capabilities or the effect of its weapons in direct confrontations, and according to the style of playing each user, you allow him The game is completely free to develop the tools it uses.

What distinguishes the drafting and development system are the simple lists that the game used, but all the elements are related to each other, for example you will not be able to collect all the resources that you want in one go because of the effect of this matter on your movement whenever you carry additional weights, which compels you to go to the base and that he will not suffer in Find the basic elements, such as food and drink, after establishing farms and grazing areas that provide meat and water continuously.

On the other hand, the game offers a whole new feature called The Dust which is a toxic dust cloud but it is truly shameful that whenever I am mixed with events for a while, I find myself having to open the main menu for either eating, drinking, or using oxygen.

The limitations of artificial intelligence, whether when wandering among large numbers of enemies without feeling you, or even when they discover that you are in chases, often you will be able to escape without any harm is mentioned, as well as the characters were presented in an excellent way through cinematic scenes and conversations that address the memories of the past or store What I found before you could finish what you started.


Metal Gear Survive presented some ideas in a way that is not suitable for the ultimate survival games, such as forcing the player but in return there were ideas that were implemented in an excellent manner such as dust clouds that provided an exciting atmosphere, and the dotted formulation system to the utmost degree.

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