Top ten things I like about Fortnite

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Here are the top ten things I like about Fortnite. I made another blog about the top ten things I don’t like about Fortnite. I will also be doing ten tips for beginners in rainbow six siege.

1)Fast building.


3)It’s the only battle royal game for playstation users.

4)Gun rarity.

5)Revolver is a one shot to the head in close ranges.

6)Scoped AR.

7)New game modes are being released continuously.

8)Small changes are made every week.

9)They add new guns from time to time.

10)Every place is different.

Fortnite is fun and easy to play! The PvP is free to play! You can also buy the zombies as well!

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100 player vs player is a good size. Lots of stress and action.

My friends keep telling me to buy PUBG and I can't bring myself to pay $30 for a beta. Fortnite seems like a much better option for now!

Good list, but it would be better with a little more description of each and how best to use them.

How does this game compare to others within the same category?

good but maybe you could elaborate more on each topic