Ten tips to help you win a game in Fortnite Battle Royal

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Fortnite is a pc and console battle royal game. A battle royal game is when you have a set number of people (typically 100) and they all sky dive down to an area on an island. A deadly storm closes in and pushes all of the remaining players in a smaller area. This process repeats until one player or team remains. The victor is called victory royal. 

1) Do not lead any shots with any non scoped gun. 

2) If you are getting shot at, do not crouch, run, or jump. Build a structure and shoot back.

3) Every thrity seconds turn around to see if anyone is chasing you.

4) The color of a gun can make a huge difference in damage.

5) If you know that a player is in a base you can use grenades.

6) You want to get inside the safe zone before most people so you can build a base and try to kill other players.

7) RPGs can be used for short range kills and to clear an enemy out of a base or building. 

8) When you get a sheild potion, use it as soon as you get it. If you have a full sheild, don't pick up the potion.

9) At the beginning of a match, collect resources.

10) When looting a house, look for chests. They have a guaranteed weapon inside of them. 

So there are ten tips to help you win a game in Fortinte Battle Royal.


not relatable to me but seems cool!!

So tough to win a round over the other 99 players! Thanks for the tips!

Great tips for an really cool game. Love Fortnite!

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