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In a recent video I focused on the difference between fungible and non fungible tokens, and I briefly mentioned the digital trading card game, Gods Unchained. I wanted to do a follow up focusing on this particular game.

Please remember that nothing that I say in this video should be taken as financial advice, I am literally just sharing my enthusiasm for these collectibles.

I actually stumbled across this game after reading an article published by Hackernoon about an Ethereum asset being the second most valuable TCG card in the world, which was about the Mythic Titan card, Hyperion, and at the time it was still on auction, but eventually sold for 146.27 ETH ($60,000).

This article sparked my interest, especially as I was just learning about NFTs, so after reading the article I visited their website to see what the big deal was about. I had a quick browse and thought, “What the hell, let’s buy the cheapest deck” Little did I know that there would be no turning back for me and I was hooked!

I haven’t collected anything for many years, the last thing that I can remember being into was as a child when I had a Care Bear sticker book and also a collection of Garbage Pail Kids stickers (until my school banned them for being grossly inappropriate). However, my three year old has recently been into several types of collectibles, from the cute ones like “Lost Kitties”, to the cool ones such as “Hot Wheels”, to the bizarre (and slightly gross) ones like “Flush Force” and “Poopeez”, which are all toilet and poop orientated. As parents, my partner and I have had the pleasure of watching our son’s gleeful reaction to opening another blind bag or pack and finding a new collectible to add to his inventory, or if he’s lucky, a “rare” collectible.

When I purchased my first pack of trading cards from Gods Unchained, I decided to involve my partner and our son in the “opening”, and I can only describe our reactions to it as one of awe and excitement, with many “ooos” and “ahhs” and even a, “whoa!” It was at his point that I realised that this isn’t just a cool game to play, but it is also a really fun activity to do together as a family. The other reason I am drawn to this particular game is because growing up, I always had a fascination with Myths and Legends, Ancient Greek Mythology mostly, but also Dungeons and Dragons and Cities of Gold - anyone remember those?

For anyone who doesn’t know, Gods Unchained is claiming to be Blockchain’s first eSport, and the cards available on their website are exclusive presale packs only available before game launch, with a hard cap of $15M, which is pretty high, but just to be clear, I’m sharing this info as someone who wants to play the game and collect the cards, I have no idea what the actual gameplay is going to be like. For anyone who’s been following me, you’ll already know that my interest in this space is for the use cases, and this is definitely a fun one for me and the family to hopefully get involved with. I say “hopefully” because I’ve learned that in this space there are no guarantees, so whilst I’m enthusiastic about this project, I cannot guarantee that it will be a good game nor that it’ll even be released.

Here is my video of the card reveal of a recent pack I bought...


Thanks for stopping by! @crypt0rhodes x


Hey, I hadn't heard about Gods Unchained. That's insane that a card went for $60k...

Have you delved into the depths of @steemmonsters yet? I recently bought my first pack and have become slightly addicted to the game.

The first glimpses of gameplay have recently been released so you can see what it will be like on their account.

I tend to prefer games that are built on platforms where the transactions are free, which is why Steem Monsters appeals to me over games built on the ETH blockchain.

Anyway, if you haven't checked it out then take a look.

And welcome to Steemit, I didn't know that we have a Power Ranger here. :)

Hey, thanks for your comment!

I did have a quick look into Steem Monsters as I was following their voiceover competition, which I thought was an awesome way to engage with the community.

I agree with you about the issue with having to pay for transactions on ETH blockchain, that's something that really needs to improve.

Either way, I'm loving these new and exciting games being built on the blockchain!

Thanks again for your comment and for the warm welcome! :)

It is exciting, I'm investigating a few of them as well. :)

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