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King of Thieves is a video game created and distributed by ZeptoLab for Android and IOS platforms, such as ZeptoLab is a well-known distributor of the famous game Cut the Rope, it was only a matter of time before King of Thieves made itself noticed with more than ten million downloads only on Google Play. A curious fact about ZeptoLab is that most of its videogames tend to maintain the same number of downloads, probably because the fans of the company tend to want to play all the games they distribute.

The story of King of Thieves is based on a town full of thieves who love gems, as something not so strange, there are thieves with more power than others, that is why you are imprisoned to stop stealing gems, but a mysterious creature gives a second chance and it frees you. From there it is your turn to recover your reputation as a thief and recover the reputation that you think belongs to you, so you must steal gems from all possible players to acquire more and more reputation in the city of thieves.


The graphics of the game are quite good considering that they are oriented to cartoons, with colors and details that make it a very addictive videogame, although generally in the short term, since it generally has very little long-term content.


King of Thieves has a very dynamic interface that manages to keep the players captivated, while something interesting is that the menus are distributed in different areas of the screen, giving coherence to what you are trying to find and not leaving everything accumulated in a single place. Something that caught my attention is that it keeps chatting and notifications on the right side of the screen, which facilitates access and promotes the creation of new friendships.


The game is based exclusively on visiting the dungeons of other players to steal their gems and be the most reputable thief of the place, that's why the dungeons are extremely clear in terms of quality of graphics and textures, giving the highest possible animation to the displacements, the attacks and the traps to make the game very dynamic and fun, although it is generally a bit tedious to have to almost always support the same background image.


Although sound is not something that characterizes strategic videogames, I must say that King of Thieves has a pretty good and basic sound, it is not a videogame to admire due to its variety of sounds, but in itself it is good enough to maintain the contact. The attacks, the displacements, the handling of the gems and the gold are really key sounds in King of Thieves, counting on a sound very according to what the graphics are dedicated, the cartoons. One aspect to keep in mind is that no matter how high the volume of the device, this video game usually does not confuse our colleagues, since it does not generate annoying sounds, which makes it special for young children.

A video so you know what I'm talking about:

Youtube : AndroidGameplay4You - PROAPK


The gameplay of King of Thieves is quite interesting, since we do not need movement controls to be able to invade dungeons, the movements are purely automatic, our job is simply to touch the screen so that our thief can perform jumps. The gameplay is simply to invade dungeons and steal gems, as well as improve our dungeons as much as possible.


It is necessary to invade dungeons to obtain gems, taking into account that the gems are the most important thing in the game, obviously we need to be experts in the invasion of dungeons. There are some simple steps to follow to find the ideal dungeon to invade, it is important to consider a number of factors as shown below.

  • There are two game modes, campaign mode and player versus player mode, campaign mode is used to unlock new dungeons and collect gems every so often, the more we advance, the better the gems will be. On the other hand, the player versus player mode allows stealing the gems of other players, which generally have much more value.

  • Before invading a dungeon it is necessary to visualize the lock, to see how many approximate keys we need to open the door, it is always better to invade dungeons whose locks are not so complicated, if we do not lose so many keys. It is also necessary to visualize if the altar of the dungeon has gems, in case it does not have gems we will only get gold as a reward.

  • Once we have verified that we invaded a dungeon of our liking, we will have to use techniques to guess where our entrance to the dungeon really is, for each failed attempt we lose a key.

  • After opening the lock we must move through the dungeons, for this we must touch the screen for our thief to jump, the directions of the thief change by touching the walls, it is not necessary to move our hands to guide the thief.

  • If we manage to get to the chest we will obtain the respective rewards, the less life points you lose with the traps of the dungeon, the greater your reward will be, and the greater your probability of obtaining gems.


As I suggested, our priority is to accumulate gems, since the gems provide reputation, so the altars have the function of combining gems of any color to make them more and more valuable, at the same time special bonuses are added if they are the same color. other thieves can only steal our gems if they are placed on the altar, which means that we must be very attentive to our altar while we develop the gems, even more if we manage to combine high value gems. Another very important point is to improve our traps more and more, as well as edit our dungeons when necessary, since what we want least is for a thief to steal our gems.


Although it is a fairly simple video game, King of Thieves has a relatively active community, which exists certain aspects of the video game that promotes the social part of people, sometimes forcing it on the other parts. We do not necessarily depend on them to steal the gems, we also need them to help us recover the things that were stolen from us.


The guilds are usually the best part of the King of Thieves, as contests are often held between guilds to discover which guild is best at stealing gems. The wars between guilds consist of seeing which guild has the best quality of thieves, for each gem that someone steals, points accumulate.

Beyond the wars of guilds, there is also a social factor, because in case the gems are stolen, the other members of the guild can help us recover them, just as we can help recover theirs.


The most competitive of King of Thieves are the leagues, since we all want to be in the league of champions, but for that we have to work hard. By having an appropriate player level, we are assigned a league that starts with bronze, which according to our current reputation will tell us where we are in the league, knowing that only the top 10 players on the list are the most respected, they will have the right and obligation to advance in the league.


I think it is not a videogame that will revolutionize the world, since it does not have such a competitive mechanics that will lead it to create a championship of high quality and demand. Beyond that, the video game is really addictive and ideal to release tension and stress, nothing that envies Candy Crush, because they even share the ability to entertain young minds, it is perfect to keep them entertained.

King of Thieves is the classic video game that we do not want to play to follow a story, we really want it to be fun, without dedicating ourselves to it full time, the only way we dedicate ourselves completely is if we are really competitive and we want to be the best at all video games, placing us next to those who have managed to dominate the league of champions.



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