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There are dungeons that we have to overcome to grow more and more as players, I'm almost sure that Dofus tries to strengthen that aspect a lot, maybe with the aim of making a game more and more dynamic and entertaining. The rewards that we obtain in the dungeons are probably the reasons why we go to it, beyond that they all give us achievements, there are other rewards that generate more interest in the players, since they consider that the obtaining of those rewards could grow.

The dungeon of the skeletons is one of the most important if we talk about utility and rewards, because there you get a special spell that allows you to invoke a skeleton to help us in combat, the disadvantage is that the skeleton is very crazy, it can work to our favor or against us, it is a matter of luck and risk, but it is nothing that a good critical blow can not solve, because many times it could save our lives. The access to the dungeon is blocked, we will have to stand on a tile to open the entrance, inside that entrance there will be a skeleton that will propose us to overcome the dungeon to dominate the crazy skeleton.

This dungeon is located in the cemetery at the bottom of Amakna, right between the sea and the forest, exactly in position [10, 15]. To access it there are a series of shortcuts that could simplify life, one of them is the secret passage of the Tymadores, which we can take from Astrud or the city of Amakna, which takes us to the temple of the Tymadores, which is just next to the dungeon. Another easy way would be the Zaap that is in the lower part of the area, just off the coast of Sufokia.


The bestiaries in this dungeon are very similar to those of the Icarnam dungeon, all are part of the same family of skeletons, both oriented to the cemetery and the skeletons, although some have been eliminated and others have been added. Obviously in this dungeon the skeletons are much more developed than in the dungeon of Icarnam, it can be said that at this level the skeletons have reached a quite remarkable point of maturity.


If you ever pass through the Icarnam dungeon you will know that this skeleton was the mascot and the faithful companion of the head of the dungeon, but this creature has managed to break free and is now like a common monster in the Amakna area. The creature is quite annoying because it has many points of movement, its damage is not so high, although if it manages to corral it in front of a wall it could defeat it.

Primitive Chafer

The Primitive Chafer are some skeletons that have been part of the Viking era, it turns out that these creatures have great impact abilities, since they have had many years to develop their skills. The primitive chafer can approach your position with a single attack, which will cause you to damage any movement you have planned. I recommend killing him first so he can not corner us.

Invisible Chafer

We are probably very familiar with this curious skeleton, the truth is that it is the same as the Icarnam dungeon, but improved. The Invisible Chafer can become invisible in combat, is capable of stabbing us in the back when we least expect it, although his damage is not so great, it is capable of bothering a lot since, i recommend killing him whenever it's visible.

Draugur Chafer

The Draungur Chafer is one of the hardest, since it has a greater life and endurance than the other skeletons, plus it can attack both near and far. I recommend being very careful with this skeleton, I do not recommend killing it first because it could only be a distraction, but once we have the opportunity to kill it, we have to do it, because despite being a tank, it also lot of damage .

Chafer Foot Soldier

This skeleton is the most terrifying of all, since it is resistant and has a very high attack power, it is a veteran soldier if we refer to his abilities, in addition to many points of movements that make it very easy to approach us. This is the skeleton with which we must deal more, because if it touches us, it will reduce many points of life, it could even end up defeating us, I always recommend killing it first, since having it close is a complete madness.


The Chafer is the classic skeleton, his abilities are not as shocking as those of the other skeletons, but if he has considerable damage, we should try to kill him if he gets too close to us. This classic chafer is able to reach our position very easily, especially because we almost never take it into account, although it only attacks short distances, so try to take care of your backs.

Ronin Chafer

The Ronin Chafer is the head of the dungeon, it turns out that this skeleton has inherited many characteristics of the Tymador, apparently is capable of performing skills of that species, in addition to having a very high impact damage. The resistance of this skeleton is not as high as we expected it to be a dungeon boss, but his skills allow him to fool us to waste time, while his teammates will probably kill us, so try to leave it last.


Skeleton Dungeon

This is the basic achievement, which is simply to beat Ronin Chafer in his dungeon, regardless of the team, the idols or the positioning that we use. Probably this is the only achievement that is fulfilled if we only want to obtain the special spell that allows us to invoke the crazy Chafer, since many people come for the spell and not for the achievements. If we achieve the achievement, we will obtain 10 achievement points.

Ronin Chafer (Nomad)

The achievement of the Nomad consists of using all the movement points available in each game turn, besides that we must avoid at all costs that any opponent prevents us from moving, it is our responsibility to avoid being surrounded and blocked to fulfill this achievement, although any character that master agility can be freed from all evil. If we achieve the achievement, we will obtain 10 achievement points.

Ronin Chafer (First)

To achieve this achievement we will need to defeat Ronin Chafer in first position, that is to say that we can not defeat anyone before defeating him, it turns out that this achievement is quite complicated since the Ronin has skills for distraction and deception, which we will leave a lot to the luck if we want to fulfill this achievement or not, although it could be a solution to take a partner who does damage en masse, thus we avoid being easily deceived. If we manage to defeat him in first position, we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Ronin Chafer (Duo)

If we want to overcome this achievement, we will surely need a partner who is able to act as a support or cause a good damage to the masses, since the skeletons have a lot of damage and quite considerable deception skills, although as mentioned above, it is likely that a character who does a lot of damage in mass could be the solution to all our problems. If we manage to win it in duo, we will get 20 points of achievement.

Ronin Chafer (Score 70)

Keeping in mind that this dungeon does not have incompatible idols, getting to score 70 is easy with cheap idols that do not have as much impact on the game. If we are newbies and we just want to try it, I recommend going with idols that provide movement points and not damage, since the skeletons will approach us in one way or another, so just hit and resist, if we succeed we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Ronin Chafer (Score 300)

This is probably the most difficult achievement of all, since considering that the skeletons have multiple abilities and strong damage, we must think very well which idols to use to achieve the score 300, my recommendation is to use only idols of positioning, since that murder from a distance could be the solution to everything, just take a partner that deals damage from a distance while another person is responsible for eliminating movement points, the score 300 will give us 10 points of achievement.



R - 1

R - 2

R - 3

R - 4

R - 5



The dungeon of the skeletons is a dungeon that is visited more by the obtaining of the special spell than by the accomplishment of the achievements, for that reason many players know the dungeon, even many tend to overcome the dungeon since they left Icarnam, all for the utility of Chafer's invocation in the fight, even more if we have a high probability of receiving a critical hit, would be our faithful friend throughout the game.

Overcoming the dungeon is not complicated at all, since in themselves the skeletons are clumsy and easy to kill creatures, since they usually always use brute force to try to solve all their problems. As already mentioned, if we have a partner that provides support or damage to the masses, it will make our lives much easier, although since the explosive arrow of the archers was modified, the world is not as it used to be.

The resources obtained in the dungeon have a considerable value, since some bones can cost from 2k to 10k, a very useful money if we consider that the resources are quite simple to obtain, even more if we carry idols that help to improve the rewards in each one fight, besides killing skeletons can be done both inside and outside the dungeon, without the need to spend the keys.


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