Dofus - Larva Dungeon - Basic tutorial.

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In Dofus there are dungeons whose access is complicated, since getting to the entrance of the dungeon is a dilemma, some because they are inside mining caves and others perhaps in endless labyrinths. The point is that many players like to change the game's routine, to stop always seeing the same thing so that the game seems more and more fun and less routine, beyond that, maybe the dungeon does not offer highly significant benefits at the level of resources.

The larval dungeon is one of the most hated dungeons when we speak of levels lower than level 50, and not only because its access is extremely complicated, but because in earlier times of the route we could find very aggressive creatures, from simple larvae to miners terrifying could get in our way to prevent us from reaching the larva dungeon. In addition to that to overcome certain scenarios in the dungeon is necessary to carry at least one companion, since to open certain doors it is necessary to operate two levers on different maps, which gets in the way of those who like to be always alone.

This dungeon is in position [-2, -5], exactly inside the mining cave of the area, which is inside the Crackler mountain of Amakna. To get to the entrance of the dungeon we have to enter the mining cave and dodge several miners, then we must buy a larva egg because to access the dungeon you do not need keys, you must be accompanied by a larva. The only way to get a larva chasing you is to obtain a larva egg, larva eggs are achieved by defeating mainly the blue larvae, after obtaining the egg we must release the larva to follow us and can access the dungeon.


The creatures that we will find inside the dungeon are simply creatures coming from humid places and from the plants, that is why in the dungeon we will only find larvae, although the variety of larvae that are there will probably surprise you, because as the life in real, the larvae can have different sizes, colors and capacities, so the best way to discover how many types of larvae exist in Dofus is accessing the dungeon.

Blue Larva

The blue larvae are the ones that act as support in the dungeon, since all of them independently of the type perform cures to the other larvae, that is something that the other larvae certainly can not do. These larvae also have the capacity to cause damage to their rivals, although their damage is not as high as that of the other larvae, which leaves them as the simplest to overcome if they simply do not have anyone to defend them.

Lone Blue Larva: This larva does not act as a main creature, however it has the same actions as the original blue larva, it can heal the other larvae and can attack only once per turn.

Blue Larva: The classic blue larva has healing powers that can save other larvae, besides having the ability to cause damage at short distances, being able to attack twice per turn but only one per target.

Sapphire Larva: This is probably the improved version of a classic blue larva, since like the blue larva it has healing abilities and causes limited damage compared to other larvae, however this larva has much higher capacities than a larva Classic blue, as greater resistance, better range, you can also hit up to three times per shot, but only two per target.

Green Larva

The green larvae are the only ones that have the ability to cause damage over long distances, in turn also with this ability can reduce the action points to their rivals. They also have the ability to attack at short distances, however, they do not cause as much damage as orange larvae, so this is probably the most balanced larva.

Lone Green Larva: Like the blue larva of the same type, it does not act as a main creature, it has the same characteristics as the common green larva, but it is a bit more fragile in terms of damage to which they refer.

Green Larva: This is the common green larva, which has the ability to cause near and far damage, but obviously its life points are quite limited and its unfavorable resistances, which makes it a very simple larva of the defeat.

Emerald Larva: As its name says it is the best of the green larvae, it has the same characteristics as a common green larva but much more improved. The larva can hit up to four times per turn, but is only able to reach three targets at once, which makes it much more annoying than blue larvae, although its ability to distance only allows it to attack twice per turn, and only one per objective, but that does not prevent you from eliminating action points.

Orange Larva

The orange larvae are the larvae that have the greatest impact of damage in the dungeon, but this damage is only possible over short distances, which means that this larva color is not capable of causing damage from afar, but if it has enough damage. It can be said that the orange larvae act as warriors, since their resistance and damage are superior to those of the other larvae.

Orange larva: The classic orange larva is capable of causing damage to its rivals only at short distances, it has higher life points than the other larvae since it is only capable of attacking up close, the larva can hit twice per turn, but only once per objective, although the damage is always the same.

Ruby Larva: It has the same attributes as the classic orange larva but higher if we talk about impact in the fight, can attack up to six times per turn, is able to attack four times a single target, I recommend not neglecting this larva, since it is able to cause a lot of damage, that their pleasant appearance does not deceive them.

Shin Larva

The Shin Larva is the head of the dungeon, so its resistances and life points are superior to those of the other larvae. This larva is only capable of striking at short distances, it also has few movement points that prevent it from approaching us so easily, but it is capable of invoking golden larvae to help it in combat. The golden larvae have all the characteristics of the other larvae, being able to heal and attack from far and near.


Larva Dungeon

As we already know, this achievement is simply to beat Shin Larva inside his dungeon, in previous versions of Dofus it would probably be difficult to access the dungeon since the creatures in the area were aggressive, on the other hand currently access to the Dungeon is a bit more simplified, so you should only have the larva egg. When we surpass the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Shin Larva (Limpwrist)

Under no circumstances should we finish our game next to an opponent, since this achievement consists of not finishing our turn in a game adjacent to an opponent, it is necessary to keep all the larvae away to be able to fulfill them. I recommend taking precautions and do not risk too much, since usually larvae will always want to get closer. When we surpass the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Shin Larva (Versatile)

To achieve this achievement we must perform the same action once per game turn, that is, we can not attack twice with the same skill in a game turn, which makes it a little complicated to keep the larvae away, so I recommend staying away forever, since we probably do not have the skills to keep the larvae away since we can only use them once per turn. When we surpass the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Shin Larva (Duo)

In this particular dungeon, I recommend bringing companions that have the ability to act as support or simply keep the larvae away, since their damage adjacent to us is much higher than what they do at a distance, on the other hand, a support could provide healing benefits and more damage that would fall like a glove in this dungeon. When we surpass the achievement we will obtain 20 points of achievement.

Shin Larva (Score 80)

To meet the score of 80 in this dungeon, I recommend bringing idols of damage equipped at a distance, since only one of the larvae is capable of hitting from a distance, so maybe we could take advantage of that and obtain early benefits of the game, it simply has that quickly defeating the blue larva, once defeated the idols will have no effect since the other larvae only attack closely. When we surpass the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Shin Larva (Score 300)

After several attempts to try to meet the Score 300 in this dungeon, my final conclusion is that we must carry equipped idols that increase the damage of the larvae in the distances, which accompanied by idols points of movement that make them approach is the solution for everything, we will only need partners that cause a lot of damage to prevent the larvae from defeating us first. When we surpass the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.


R - 1

R - 2

R - 3

R - 4

R - 4 II

R - 5

R - 5 II

R - 6

R - 7

R - E

R - 8

R - 8 II

R - 9

R - 9 II

R - F



Overcoming the larval dungeon can provide some benefits beyond the achievement points, as some of the resources obtained within the dungeon have considerable value, which will help us a lot to raise money for our next equipment. I think that in this version of Dofus, the dungeon has more advantages than disadvantages, since its access is a bit easier and its resources have more value, so it is up to you to consider it overcoming it or not.

Although larvae are usually simple creatures, colors can cause a bit of intrigue and doubt, because if we are newbies it will be a bit difficult to understand what the characteristics of each larva are. We can ask ourselves why the larvae are so colorful, but remember that it is an animated game and tries to be entertaining, if we want a real larva it is probably the Shin Larva, since its color is very similar to that of a real larva and its appearance is even unpleasant.


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