Dofus - Incarnam Dungeon - Basic tutorial.

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I think the best way to show that we are true lovers of video games is by demonstrating our knowledge, that is why today I decided to show a little how Dofus works, I will try to explain a little the operation of each dungeon, all with the objective that other people know a little more about this great video game.

The Icarnarnam dungeon is the first dungeon we have to overcome, this is on the first map where we all started, so I will explain a little of what it is, although I am not very good at explaining. I will try to write to see what happens.

The Icarnam dungeon is the first of all, which is pretty simple for any main character in level 20 or more. This dungeon is at the bottom of the Icarnam map, we just have to get to the position [5, -1]. Getting there is quite easy, we just have to pass some maps to get there.


The environment of the dungeon is based on an environment somewhat oriented to the cemetery and the skeletons, really overcoming these bone-filled subjects is really entertaining. Being a dungeon oriented to the cemetery, all the monsters that are in it are undead, they have come in search of revenge.

Chafer Novice

This is the simplest to kill of all, it turns out that it is quite naive, its only function is to persecute us and hurt us, although its damage is not high, it is generally annoying in the long term, that is why my recommendation is to kill it as soon as possible .

Chafer Pikeman

This curious skeleton is dedicated to supporting its allies, in addition to acting as a tank and going to the front, although it is not so resistant, we must be careful that it does not reach us, since it has a lot of bodily harm.

Chafer Scout

The Chafer Scout is one of the most annoying of the dungeon, since it usually only attacks from a distance and is very elusive, my recommendation is to kill him last, because although he has a high damage, chasing him would be a suicide, since his allies they would kill us.

Chafer Sneak

This is one of the most complicated to kill, when you least expect it to become invisible and it will be a problem to find it, it usually becomes invisible until attacking it from the back like a bandit, we should try to kill it while it is completely visible.

Chafer Sergeant

The least you want to have at your side is a Sergeant Chafer, our priority is to kill him from afar and keep him away, it is a bit slow, but it has a lot of damage, usually if he attacks us it hurts a lot, this is the main objective with which we should try to kill if we do not want to die.


Kardorim is the head of the dungeon, which makes him the last opponent we have to face. Killing him is a bit tricky, since he always invokes his pet to help him in combat, he is usually a little resistant to kill, especially because his pet is dedicated to pushing you against the walls, which causes you great damage. My recommendation is to kill him directly without wasting time with the pet, unless he leaves us cornered.


The achievements are probably the most important of Dofus, in fact, the reputation of Dofus is based on the amount of achievements you have, the achievements give you respect and ornaments that help you look good in the community. Many players devote all their time to achieving achievements, as they consider it the only way to get respect, no matter how long you played.

Kardorim’s Crypt

This achievement consists in killing the boss of the dungeon inside his dungeon, that is, we must defeat all the rivals and Kardorim to achieve it, thus we obtain 10 points of achievement.

Kardorim (Zombie)

This is usually the most annoying achievement of the dungeon, since to achieve it we must use only one point of movement for each game turn, it is quite complicated while the boss's pet is attacking us. If we manage to do it, we get 10 achievement points.

Kardorim (First)

To achieve this achievement we must kill Chief Kardorim in the first place, that is, we can not kill any of his rivals without killing him first, it is quite complicated to overcome the skeleton barrier without these assassinating us, so the best way to kill Kardorim is Attack it from a distance. If we manage to do it, we get 10 achievement points.

Kardorim (Duo)

This is the simplest achievement of all, because to fulfill it we simply have to enter to play with a partner, but it must be only one, since the achievement consists of finding the perfect match, besides that we must defeat the Kardorim in a maximum of 20 game turns. If we manage to do it, we get 20 points of achievement.

Kardorim (Score 15)

The score works more appropriately for experienced players and with good money, since to reach the points of scoring we must have idols, each idol provides points of scoring according to their level and difficulty, although reaching the score 15 is generally quite simple and economical. If we manage to do it, we get 10 achievement points.

Kardorim (Score 300)

As I mentioned before, each idol provides a different amount of score, so to get to 300 we must have many idols of high quality and difficulty, this achievement usually made by the characters with a level of more than 190. Most of the time the Score 300 gives rivals a big advantage. If we manage to do it, we get 10 achievement points.


S - 1

S - 2

S - 3

S - 4


Any character higher than level 20 can pass the dungeon, although to fulfill all the achievements we must be a little more experienced. In general we will have to make one or two achievements at the same time, since doing them all at the same time is complicated, besides that we are going to last a long time in trying it.

This dungeon serves to fulfill several missions of Icarnam, it turns out that many players love the high content of the missions of Dofus, that is why video games tend to reward those players who have managed to overcome many missions, so regardless of our level we will want to fulfill all the missions.


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very good tutorial, I did not know of this game I will try it and I will follow your advice thank you very much.


Thanks, it's good to share our anecdotes of the video games we love. Regards :)

Thanks for sharing... I will to play this game..


It's my favorite game, I recommend it forever.