Dofus - Haunted House - Basic tutorial.

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The Haunted House is one of the most curious and creative dungeons that exists, although probably not one of the most valuable, since its location is far from any route that provides access to players. Despite its extraordinary creativity, currently the dungeon is not so valued, in addition to its location, we will also find other factors that make players not want to go to it, such as the value of the resources obtained and the difficulty in killing the monsters.

The dungeon underwent several changes last year, with the updates of the Dofus bestiaries, some creatures were removed from the dungeon and the game, which was done with the aim of simplifying the dungeons a little more, as some players considered that the difficulty was something negative in dofus dungeons, as it is believed to scare users.

To get to the dungeon we have to go a long way, literally we can not take any kind of shortcut, it is our duty and responsibility to walk to the trolls fair. The dungeon is at the top of the troll fair, between the different scenarios of Cania, more specifically in position [-13, -41]. To access it we must talk to a skeleton that will challenge us to overcome the dungeon.


The monsters that are inside the dungeon are extremely curious, totally oriented to terror, where bones, vampires and mustaches are things that can not be lost, it is also an abandoned place where imagination has no limits. In the change made in 2017, a series of creatures were eliminated, although that is not an impediment for the dungeon to remain one of the most curious when we talk about the appearance of monsters.


Vampires are creatures that try to be like Dracula, the popular fictional character we've seen in video games, movies and books. This curious creature does not have an insurmountable resistance, although it has a fairly high damage and is only capable of hitting short distances. I recommend killing her first just so she does not get in the way.

Prepubescent Boostache

The curious ghost tries to follow in the footsteps of his father, the head of the dungeon, but it turns out that he is still too immature to take charge, he must hope to grow a little to have his father's big mustache. The creature is a little harmless, it is easy to kill and rarely bothers, I recommend killing him in the last position, since he is so immature that he does not even know what to do with himself.


The Kwoan is a very annoying creature due to the abilities it has, since it is able to reduce our vision almost completely, which requires that we always attack in short distances, it turns out to be a nuisance for the magicians and archers, the disadvantage is that its damage is practically nil, since it is harmless in the attack.


The Gargoyl are some mythical gargoyles who have come to avenge the death of their friends, it turns out that this creature is extremely annoyed by the amount of resistance it has. According to our luck the resistances of this character can vary a lot, being able to have 100% resistance in all but one element, killing it usually requires mastering several elements, it is advisable to kill it in the last position.

Evil Tofu

Probably remember the Tofus of my previous tutorial, I am almost sure that there I mentioned that the Tofus could have multiple appearances and abilities, that is why this Tofu has decided to follow the path of evil. Evil Tofu inherits the characteristics of any other tofu, such as movement points and dexterity, which makes it extremely annoying because it always hits and runs.


This funny and frightening creature is the head of the dungeon, has a beautiful mustache that can captivate and terrify anyone who tries to challenge it, it turns out that Boostache is able to summon ghosts to help him in combat. He can also resurrect the creatures once we have defeated them. I recommend killing him first if possible, since he has a skill that allows him to resurrect his allies, which makes our previous work practically in vain.


Haunted House

The achievement consists in defeating Boostache inside his dungeon without dying in the attempt, we must make sure that his sensual mustaches do not intimidate us, it is more than obvious to say that the achievement is overcome only by overcoming the dungeon, if we defeat Boostache within his dungeon, we will get 10 achievement points.

Boostache (Hermit)

To fulfill this achievement we can not for any reason finish our game with an ally, I recommend that everyone go to kill him if possible, but always try to have an adequate distance between you, as we could end up damaging. the achievement, so try not to let Boostacho intimidate you. If we fulfill the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Boostache (Last)

The achievement consists in defeating Boostache in the last position, considering that the creature is capable of resurrecting other creatures, it is quite annoying since we will have to work twice. My recommendation is that they try to keep Boostache at a distance while defeating his allies, once they have killed them they, proceed to kill Boostache, if we do it, we will get 10 achievement points.

Boostache (Duo)

The defeat of Boostache is a work that can be done as a team, so we propose to overcome the dungeon with only one partner at our side, that is, it is advisable to take someone who does a lot of damage so that Boostache can not resuscitate allies , if we manage to do it before the 20 turns games, we will get 20 points of achievement.

Boostache (Score 70)

The achievement is to overcome the dungeon and defeat Boostache with idols equivalent to more than 70 points, in turn there are dungeons that do not allow the use of specific idols for some reason, they are incompatible for the dungeon, that's why this dungeon has a incompatible idol, so we must be careful not to depend on that specific idol, let's try to have several options.

Boostache (Score 300)

Reaching Score 300 without having the incompatible idol is not so complicated, since the idol that is not allowed does not provide many scores, so I recommend going with Yochi idols and positioning, to reach the score 300 in the Boostache dungeon, in addition of that, all the creatures attack at close range, which makes it not so complicated to eliminate them if we have a good damage.


R - 1

R - 2

R - 3

R - 4

R - 5



This dungeon can give us some learning lessons, some of those lessons is the incompatibility of some idols with some dungeons, another lesson could be the fact that it is never advisable to go with a single element, the most ideal thing is to see that our character is able to master several elements, in addition to bringing a partner who is able to eliminate spells, to save us from bad times.

Probably this is not such a complicated and important dungeon, because even the resources obtained in it have almost no value, but the truth is that it is extremely curious, we must overcome it if we want to fulfill a mission of Kerubim, which is a very funny cat and kind, able to teach us many things if we pay attention.

I understand perfectly that the location of the dungeon is a bit tedious, since we must walk a lot to get to it, but a positive factor is that it is inside the Troll fair, and in that fair we can find many things of interest, perfect to share with our friends and buy fireworks for some important events.


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