Dofus - Gobball Dungeon - Basic tutorial.

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According to my experiences in Dofus, I must say that Gobball Dungeon is one of the most popular dungeons in history, since many tend to go to that dungeon since many benefits are obtained. In it we can obtain useful resources for some equipment that serve us from level 20 to level 80, and we can also obtain parts of all the equipment, which is extremely useful from level 20 to level 50, if its basic elements are intelligence and strength, since even the being provides a very useful action point for the required level.

A few years ago there were pets that made a profit if you killed creatures in the area, that's what made this dungeon one of the most popular in history, considering that these pets were highly valued, since the variety of pets was pretty limited. Some used to buy pets and hoped to give them profits and then resell them, earning a lot of money there.

The dungeon is located in a small enclosed area near Astrud, exactly in position [2, -34], to get to it is not that complicated, we just have to take the Astrud route and go up to Tainela, although the fastest way is to take the Zaap of [1, -32] located inside Tainela, for that reason I always recommend to memorize all the Zaap we can so as not to waste time.


Something really curious is that the location of the dungeon is in a practically closed area, apparently the young shepherds have managed to dominate the Gobball to enjoy its benefits, that is why the dungeon has an environment and monsters oriented to a small town of shepherds, where cattle were everything, where technology does not make sense. Something interesting is that the Gobballs are basically sheep for the Tainela shepherds, since they are dedicated to exchange their wool to support the people.

White Gobbly

The White Gobbly is one of the most harmless creatures in the dungeon, its points of life are quite low, plus they are always within our attack range. This creature can attack us but it does not cause much damage, with what we have to deal with is its ability, since it can steal action points and damage our movements.

Gobball War Chief

This is one of the creatures that we have to deal with, although it does not have special abilities that harm us, this creature is capable of causing a lot of damage from close by, my recommendation is always to kill it in the first place, because otherwise, we will surely end up killing ourselves to ourselves, we must take advantage of their weaknesses and kill them quickly.


As the name says, gobballs are the most balanced creatures in the dungeon, since one has abilities that identify him in his maximum expression, the only thing is that he rarely tends to give movement points to other creatures, the rest is his main objective is to approach us and attack us, it causes a lot of damage but not as much as the War Chief, so my recommendation is to kill him immediately after the above, so we will avoid future problems.

Black Gobbly

Black Gobbly as White Gobbly is a fairly harmless creature, this creature can also cause damage but not so strong, its ability allows you to eliminate movement points, we must be careful not to eliminate the movement points while the War Chief is nearby, since they prevent us from escaping and end up cornered, we must kill him if possible, if we see that he is about to damage a play.

Black Gobball

You may notice a bad appearance, but the truth is that it is very adorable. Like the Gobball, this is also quite basic, its goal is always to follow us and attack us, the advantage of this creature is that sometimes it can take us to its position, try to have its entire team surround us and kill us. We must be very careful with that, only approaching once the others are dead.

Royal Gobball

The Royal Gobball is the head of the dungeon, therefore, it is the most difficult to kill of all. A curious fact about this creature is that it can act as a fighter and as a support, since it has the capacity to cause a lot of damage, besides it can heal itself and also other creatures, my recommendation is to leave it last since it has many points of life, but we must always keep in mind that we must always select a single objective, so that it does not cure them all and complicate the whole battle.


Gobball Dungeon

The achievement is to kill the Royal Gobball inside his dungeon, that is, we can not kill him outside of it. Personally I recommend to be accompanied by an ally that attacks with agility, since the other elements do little damage, we have to kill him quickly to do the other achievements, so my recommendation is to take someone who does a lot of damage to the air, maybe an archer. If we achieve the achievement, we will obtain 10 achievement points.

Royal Gobball (Limpweist)

This achievement consists of never finishing the turn associated with a rival, it turns out that this achievement is quite complicated, since in general all the Jalatóes attack closely and try to be close to you to attack you. My recommendation to make this achievement possible is to escape before attacking, once we are free of all danger, we can proceed to eliminate all the rivals, if we succeed we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Royal Gobball (Blitzkrieg)

I consider that this is the most complicated achievement of the dungeon, since it consists of not attacking an opponent if you can not kill him, for that we must be selective and know which opponent to attack before his lathe begins, we must agree with our allies. They are going to kill one by one, I recommend that you leave the Royal Gobball last to achieve this achievement, if we do we will get 10 points of achievement.

Royal Gobball (Duo)

The achievement of the duo is found in all dofus dungeons, in this I personally recommend going with a partner that does a good damage to the air, because we will need it if we want to achieve the other achievements, besides having the ability to build plays and distance to the rivals, to avoid being cornered and killed. If we achieve the achievement we will obtain 20 achievement points.

Royal Gobball (Score 60)

In this dungeon to reach achievement score 60, I recommend carrying idols that provide points of movement and not damage, since the rivals are always very close to us, to hurt would be suicide. The same idols that we use in the previous dungeon will not serve us in this, at least not to reach the score 60, if we achieve the proposed we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Royal Gobball (Score 300)

From this dungeon to reaching the Score 300 is a challenge, since the creatures are beginning to be a bit more intelligent and plan their movements, as I said in the previous achievement, I recommend bringing as much as possible idols that provide movement points and no pain, it is also advisable to take a partner who protects and heals, thus avoiding future problems. If we achieve the achievement, we will obtain 10 achievement points.


R - 1

R - 2

R - 3

R - 4

R - 5


I'm sure that for all of us who played the previous version of Dofus, this dungeon has been one of the most important in our lives, mainly because those old pets probably bring us nostalgia and joy, because Dofus has really changed since then. The application of new content and the leveling of the characters is key in this video game and we must know how to value it.

I always recommend coming to this dungeon if we do not have money to buy good equipment, because in it we can obtain parts of the Jalató team, which as mentioned above is very useful for levels that are between 20 and 50, besides that you will also get resources to develop an equipment that works perfectly for levels between 50 and 80, everything depends on the element of our character.

Something that we all love are also the dungeons that give us rewards for having defeated the boss, that's why Gobball Dungeon rewards us with a nice kitten, more specifically the shepherd gives us a cat that will serve us much in the future if we know how to feed it, because this cat is capable of giving us points of agility, strength, luck and intelligence, according to the element we give it.


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