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Probably the orcs are the creatures most involved in the world of video games, without doubt there are many games that contain this race in its content, either as main or secondary characters, this creature is one of the best known by players, maybe because Warcraft and shrek imposed it, both with direct relations with the race of the orcs, where the green color and the aggressive attitude are factors that can not be lost.

The dungeon of the Bwork is the first area of Dofus where we find orcs, it turns out that this dungeon is currently not as influential, since there are many more dungeons than in the previous versions of Dofus, for that reason, many are unaware of the existence of the dungeon, although I think the dungeon can change the routine a bit, which makes us find a very different environment from other areas of Dofus.

The dungeon is in position [-5.10], exactly inside the camp of Bwork, a camp located on the map of Amakna, very close to the Sadida temple. Arriving at the camp and the dungeon is quite simple, since there are several Zaap near the area, we can also access the dungeon when we are taking a tour to the rhythm of Sadida, so that we can kill two birds with one stone. The camp is totally closed, there is only one access route, so we just have to find the door located above the temple and we can enter the camp without problems.


The monsters that are inside the dungeon and the Bwork camp are clearly oriented to the race of the orcs, creatures for whom the green color, the heavy and sharp weapons, as well as the aggressive attitude are characteristics that can not be missing. If ever in our lives we play Warcraft, I am almost certain that this place will bring us many memories, since the orcs in themselves are creatures capable of making anyone remember them, possibly due to their colorful body.

Tamed Trool

The Tamed Trool is a creature that belongs to the Trool race, the creature is trapped in a place inside the dungeon, it turns out that the Bwork captured this Trool and has him locked in an underground cage, we must be careful not to fall inside the cage, because possibly we will be destroyed. This Trool in particular has a lot of life and attack damage, we must be very careful to keep it away, because up close it is a torture.

Swimp the Simple

To face this Bwork we must have a particular mission, which is to defeat the creature that is presumed to be inside the dungeon. The creature is capable of causing strong damage at a great distance, and with each attack it can reduce our action points. If we are short-range characters, it is likely that he will defeat this creature, which is quite annoying, since even his life points are quite high.

Bwork Magus

The Bwork Magus is the shaman of the Bwork, it turns out that this creature is capable of causing strong damage both near and far, can also invoke a malicious Tofu to help him in combat, becoming the most tedious creature we find inside the dungeon. The creature has considerable points of life, in addition to having no weakness to any element.

Bowrk Archer

The archers can not be absent in any race, much less in the orcs' dungeon, that is why Bwork Archer is the archer that represents the Bwork, he is capable of boosting his teammates and himself, as well as having rank of fairly wide range, chasing everything becomes a torture, although this peculiar Bwork is also capable of causing strong damage over short distances, it is practically the most developed creature in the dungeon.


The Bwork is the warrior that represents and protects his race, the creature is only capable of causing damage at close range, but it is not a serious problem for him, since it has quite extensive movement points. This creature also has abilities that allow you to get closer to rivals much more easily, which makes it a problem for us, as well as having a very powerful attack, it can kill you if you neglect too much.


The Bworkette is the mother of the Bwork and the head of the dungeon, for that reason it is the strongest of all the Bwork that we find in the dungeon. This creature is able to heal in a fairly representative way, since it has two healing abilities and one attack, one of the healing abilities is to heal the companions en masse, while the other is able to completely heal anyone who throws. Maybe his attacks are not the most efficient, but his healing power is extremely annoying.


Bwork Dungeon

To achieve this achievement, we must simply beat the Bworkette inside his dungeon, probably it is a dungeon where for the first time this achievement is not completely easy to comply, since there is a risk factor that can prevent us from reaching the last room. If we fall into the cage where the Trool is locked, it probably ends up defeating us and forcing us out of the dungeon, so we must be very careful with that. If we can overcome everything, we will get 10 points of achievement.

Bworkette (Hermit)

Staying together solves many problems within the dungeon, since the Bwork are creatures of which we must be very careful, however, it is completely complicated to stay together if we want to fulfill this particular achievement. I recommend always going very close to our partner to be able to beat the Bwork one by one without the Bworkette to heal them completely, but we always have to be aware of not finishing our turn right next to our ally. If we fulfill the achievement we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Bworkette (First)

The achievement is to defeat Bworkette in the first position, it turns out that this achievement can be easy or difficult depending on the damage we have, because if we have few damage points, the creature will be cured very often and we will not be able to kill it before the others Bwork defeat us. On the other hand, if we have good damage points, it will be very easy to go through the Bworkette first and defeat it in the first position, thus preventing the other Bwork from healing.

Bworkette (Duo)

To overcome this of dungeons turns out to be a big problem, because to beat the Bworkette we need a great continuous damage, for that reason I recommend taking all the possible damage, since at any moment the Bworkette could recover all its points of life. To achieve the achievement, we have to pass the dungeon in less than 20 game turns and with a single companion that accompanies us, if we succeed, we will obtain 20 points of achievement.

Bworkette (Score 80)

The 80 score is a fairly simple achievement to achieve, we can equip ourselves with a couple of positioning idols that do not interrupt a solid battle at all, which I do not recommend is to use idols of movement points, much less use the damage, since it would be a complete suicide considering that the Bwork are creatures with a lot of damage by default. If we achieve the score 80 we will obtain 10 points of achievement.

Bworkette (Score 300)

To achieve the achievement we need a combination of idols equal to or higher than the 300 Score, in this case I recommend using positioning idols, since the map where we must beat the Bworkette is quite comfortable, we move away from our rivals, so possibly the positioning it is the solution to our problems, even more if we take a partner who does a lot of damage from a distance. If we succeed, we will get 10 achievement points.


R - 1

R - 2

R - 3

R - A

R - 4

R - 5



There is a very fanatical population of the race of the orcs, probably because Warcraft has been in charge to make us enter this race of green creatures. For that reason, Dofus has a race very similar to the orcs, in this case called Bworks. For that reason, I think that if we want to distract ourselves a bit and maybe feel a bit of nostalgia for this topic, the dungeon will help us with that, because even the environment will be quite known.

The dungeon has an average degree of difficulty between levels close to 50, since killing Bworks itself is not that complicated, you just need to be a consistent smarter. On the other hand if by bad luck we fall in the cage of the Trool, we will finish completely defeated, a level higher than 100 is needed to be able to defeat the Trool without problems, since the creature has quite high life points and damage, not all have the ability to beat him in combat.

Like the Gobball dungeon, this dungeon also gives us a reward at the end of the dungeon, which consists of a Bwork mascot that we can feed to provide us with special characteristics. The mascot Bwork provides storage spaces, which can vary from 0 to 1000 depending on the amount of time we feed it, it is quite useful to level up some trade, even more if it is heavy as a lumberjack or miner.


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