Why is everyone talking about Bitsmael?

in #gaming8 months ago


You might not have heard about Bitsmael yet but chances are if you speak Spanish and frequent Facebook you've seen it mentioned somewhere.

Bitsmael is a project that didn't mean to be born, the Bitsmael token was created to get 1 person's attention and quickly got the attention of hundreds. Why? In a way, I suppose people who witnessed a token being created for the first time recognized, in amazement, the opportunity to get as early as one possibly could into something that was being talked about so much.

Truth is, by the time a cryptocurrency project makes it to Latin America it already has, in most cases, an inaccessible price tag.

As amazing as it might be, a token created less than 2 months ago and a project that was officially released only 4 days ago has already gathered a community of over 1000 people. All this without launching a referral program, without its creator selling tokens, and most importantly without the promise of great returns or any returns.

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There is a sickness in many people that leads them to believe that it is possible to become rich quickly and without working. It is not new, but with the cryptocurrency boom we are seeing more opportunists taking advantage of these misguided hopes which already exist in many. The team behind Bitsmael has made it a priority to change this mentality, and those who have already lost money to the immaturity of this way of thought can easily get behind that.

I'd like to invite you to read the Whitepaper, but to summarize Bitsmael is looking to gamify blockchain education and reward the players for their involvement.

More information can be found at Bitsmael.com!