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We all know how useful games can be. Of course; you could learn strategies, gain ideas, and definitely have fun!

However, there's more to gain from games if you get connected with BlockBurn. Let's get in...

In 2019, the global gaming market for the end of the year was estimated to be worth $152 billion, with 45% of that, $68.5 billion, coming directly from mobile games. With this unique growth (10.2% to be precise), there are many investments and acquisitions; everyone wants a cut of the cake.

While the mobile gaming and gambling industries are booming, mobile cryptocurrency gambling is uncommon. However, BlockBurn is creating a brand new innovative form of mobile gaming and gambling in which playing for cryptocurrency would be made fun in an engaging way.

The BlockBurn gaming network is an ultramodern arena for gamers, and gamblers too. Regarding the economy of the platform, the BURN token is the official cryptocurrency for transactions. It is an erc20 cryptocurrency with 2 billion of token supply and hard cap of 1.2 million USD. Users can bet their BURN tokens in multi-player action shooter battle gaming arenas. Users can also buy into the regular BlockBurn lottery for a chance to win the jackpot.

The initial stage in the development process of the mobile game began with masterminding the themes of the game and its function in the BURN tokenomics. Important aspects such as visual appeal, brand building, player retention and value were brought to the BURN cryptocurrency.

The game flow has been designed with user intuition as a guide. The gaming experience revolves around a reward system with clear set goals.The flowchart image below gives a fundamental idea of the flow of the game.

The BlockBurn lottery helps players stand a chance to be lucky and win the jackpot. The current running jackpot amount is instinctively displayed at the bottom of the page. A player's win goes towards winning entry tokens to the lottery by winning battle matches.

The technique in which the actual winner is picked is extremely simple. Every entry token counts as one participation. In other words; someone with 7 entries is 7 times more likely to win compared to someone with only 1 token.

The BlockBurn game will be quite an interactive arcade style shooter game, and comparable to games like Brawlhalla. Players can use two different attacks; Quick and heavy.

Quick attacks are actually fast but don’t cause a lot of damage, whereas the heavy attacks take more time to execute but gives the opponent a run for their money. By using these mechanics you strive to get the other player out of the screen bounds. The more damage the player receives, the more distant they’ll be thrown back when hit. Once you diminish all their lives by doing this, you win the game!

With so many mobile games available today, finding the rightful niche is quite imperative. BlockBurn gaming network is in a very unique position, in that it is essentially entering a completely new market, with absolutely next to no one in competition.

The BlockBurn platform conducted their IEO on Chainx. It was so breathtaking that the first round of the Blockburn IEO which took place on 10th of February was sold out in only 5 minutes. Even its second round of the IEO which was then scheduled on the 20th of February also sold out in a flash of lightening.

Summarily, BlockBurn is exhibiting vividly a new trail in the gaming industry; such that will serve as the link between online gaming and cryptocurrency.
Also, Funds raised through the IEO will be used to help accelerate the expansion of BURN and also allow the team to continue and increase development, as well as to provide additional funds for marketing and new exchanges.

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