Chibi Fighters — Micro Guide

in gaming •  11 months ago 

Day of a pro Chibi Fighters player

  • Get an account (free)
  • Join a clan(free)
  • Get a Chibi(Gen0 best)
  • Play free coin tap game (get free coins)
  • Play free zeppelin game (try to win Ether)
  • Have a live fight , or set Chibi for local brawl (win Ether or coins)
  • Claim daily reward while waiting for cooldown of Chibi (great loot)
  • Set Chibi for clan lending on its profile page (you get loot)
  • Send Chibi on an adventure(get loot)
  • Add some Chibis to his adventure (more loot!)
  • Complete your daily tasks (gems)
  • Add gems to crystal cave (Ether)
  • Since Chibi is set to clan lending you can come back tomorrow or later and some loot will wait in your account for you! maybe even tradebale loot (Ether)
  • Set Chibi for fusion and maybe someone fuses with it! (Ether, no Chibi is lost)
  • Sell gear from adventures on market (Ether)

OMAGOWD I am fainting!


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