Why The Witcher 3 is one of the best games in over a decade

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When I think about The Witcher 3, I can only come up with a few other examples that match it's magnificence. For someone like me who has been playing video games more than half of my life, The Witcher 3 had it all I ever desired.

In my opinion, the developers did everything right with this game. People who played or still play this game would most likely agree with me. So what makes it so great you ask?

1) Sandbox Aspect

I love to enjoy the freedom that games have to offer, so the sandbox aspect is a true virtue. The Witcher 3 really defines that.  When taking a break from the storyline, you feel free as you explore the whole world and terrain. Sometimes you just want to run around the map finding new unvisited places and have random encounters. You don't need to specifically follow the main ordeal - taking your own path is a reward itself in The Witcher 3.

We could compare this to Skyrim, although The Witcher 3 has a 20% bigger map.

2) Alchemy and Crafting

I'm not really interested in creating potions or crafting armor my whole journey, but The Witcher 3 doesn't punish you for that. You can get involved as much as you want, it all depends on your preference. A lot of items can be found on the ground, some you may have to find and sometimes you will just have to buy them. Still, if you're not into something like alchemy, you will have to play around to create some items that are a must if you want to survive the journey.

The same goes for crafting. The Witcher 3 gives you the ability to destroy and create armor pieces, weapons and such. There are various classes of blacksmiths that can create many different armor pieces for you. If you want even better items - you need to find a more powerful crafter. You will need blueprints for that, too.

But what if you just don't want to get fully involved in the mechanical stuff like crafting or alchemy? That's not a problem. You can most definitely suffice without having to visit blacksmiths or gathering the materials for potions. Everything is based on the player's preference.

3) The Story and Quests

Definitely one of the things that kept me dazing at this game was the story and the quests. There's just so much diversity in questing - from simple ones, where you just get a key and open the treasure chest, to mind blowing ones, which feel like a whole other story itself. The Witcher 3 definitely sets a new standard when it comes to questing.

The Witcher 3 does not pressure you into a certain order of quests you need to complete to move on. Of course - you will need to complete some of the story lines to unlock new ones, but once you have some piled up at the current moment (it may be side-quests, the main storyline quests and treasure hunts), you are the one to decide which one to complete next.

4) Relationships with the Characters

There is plenty of backstory in The Witcher 3. Believe it or not, the good guys aren't the only ones who have a past. Even the evil ones have compelling stories of their own, which actually makes you question if you want to kill them or not. 

The dialogues are amazingly executed. You have many choices and you can skip some as well. Gradually, you feel as you are becoming a part of something bigger, which is the effect of the well written overall story and atmosphere.

5) The Graphics

For me, even though it's not the graphics that make the game superb, they are spectacular and it must be mentioned when talking about why The Witcher 3 made such a huge impact on the gaming industry.

What fits best with a sandbox game? Amazing graphics. Just wandering around and gazing at the view is so appealing and wonderful itself. But that's one of the aspects. The Witcher 3, as most games nowadays, have a day and night cycle. The details are really noticeable too - when it rains, water drips off our main protagonist, storms feel like they're happening behind our windows. The developers have really paid attention to details and so have the players.

It feels like there is more to mention when it comes to The Witcher 3, although it's enough to sum up this amazing game and why it's for sure one of the best games around in a long long time. Thank you for reading.

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Great review dude! I haven't played The Witcher 3, was always more of a Skyrim fan. Wow! Resteemed by @curie, congrats dude! Go read this to understand what curie is all about. https://steemit.com/steemit/@donkeypong/announcing-project-curie-bringing-rewards-and-recognition-to-steemit-s-undiscovered-and-emerging-authorsThey are doing some amazing things for the Steemit community!

Damn... Thanks man, I did not expect for my review to get such a huge recognition.. This is a huge motivation booster!

Yeah, I got upvote from curie and the team yesterday! (not resteemed though)! It felt amazing! Also got me super pumped and motivated! Keep it up man! Looking forward to your Far Cry 5 review in the future! ;-P

Thanks a lot man! I hope I get a follower base who is interested in my reviews and thoughts! Lots more coming up :) Will definitely do one on FC5.

Your welcome! Just keep doing what your doing!

Mmmm, I still need to sink my teeth into the DLC's! Can't wait!

Good points on Witcher 3! The only other RPG of this caliber would be Skyrim. Now, here's the caveat: the vanilla Skyrim is worse than Witcher 3 in all aspects (story, graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, general polish). However, Skyrim really comes to life because of the modding community. By itself, Skyrim is an OK game, but, you have the means to tailor the experience to your liking, which can (and for me, did) make it the perfect game. Mod makers sometimes make DLC-sized mods, fully voiced as well. The graphics effects mods could, theoretically, make Skyrim look even better that the Witcher 3. Same goes for polish, sound, and gameplay. Plus, there's the replayability point. Once you complete the main quest, side quests and the DLC content, there's nothing to do in the Witcher 3. But in Skyrim, there's always one more story mod, or one more quest that you haven't played before. That has kept the game fresh for 6 years. And the immersion is far stronger in Skyrim because of the first person view. I find it hard to be immersed in games with a third-person view, since IRL, you don't see the world from a quadcopter flying above your head with a camera.

Those are some great points man. I do agree that Skyrim seems more alive as there are multiple mods available. Again, it's all based on preference. Personally, I don't really mind the third-person view, but I guess you do have a point that first-person view makes you feel more immersed in a game. Thank you for reading my post and thank you for your comment :)

Yea I loved this game. Spent soo much time playing gwent, lol.

The changes in storyline depending on relationships was mind-blowing for me. The Keira romance/option choice was nuts...

My only complaint with Witcher3 is that I preferred the combat style of Witcher2. For me, Skyrim squeaks past Witcher3 for top game.

I love Skyrim too, just not as much as I love Witcher 3. It's based on personal preference I guess, both games are amazing to be honest.

one of my favorites in recent time.

I can say the same as well :)

I made a review about it not long ago. Just right when I finished the main game. It truly is an amazing game/experience.

Nice post bro. Im from Poland and we have one of best poetes- Andrzej Sapkowski and it is based on his book The Witcher! Did you know about new Netflix series- Witcher ? :)

Yeah I heard about the Netflix series! Thanks for reminding me about that. And thanks for reading the post man :)

eww im dying to play that game but i don't have a good computer and gpu

Great Review! I have it but have not finished it. I will have to at some point

Thanks! You definitely should :)

I personally really loved the world and the premise but was slightly turned off by the scale. its intimidating lol since their is so much to do.

Great write up about one of my favorite games and world in general!

Thank you!

One of my favorite games of all times

This game has got some amazingly high quality graphics...

Best in the RPG game industry so far (mods withstanding, of course).

I just recently upgraded my graphics card so now I'm able to play this game :D I agree, it's soo goood.

For sure man! Have fun playing it, and let me know your thoughts on it.

Great write up! I'll have to check out this game.

It's the first game I played on a newly built PC but since then I have been putting off really diving in...is this a mouse and keyboard game or is it better with a controller?

Geralt of Rivia, playboy, frying pan rescuer, gwent skilled player, alchemist and owner of the Corvo estate, that was a great game!!!!

Easily one of the greatest games of all time... Only 1 hitch about the game... but a good one I guess... It's too massive.. Can you ever be 100% complete?

I am a skyrim fan and I really loved The witcher 3.... one of the best games in the genre.

Thank you! Both games are great.

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