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Dear Clashanians,

We’re excited - the Chain Clash presale is starting today!

However, some of you have noticed unusual behavior on the EOS mainnet in terms of being able to sign transactions and use the network since last Friday, November 1st. We’re well-aware of the issues and in order to assure a fair and transparent presale of our most valuable avatars, the Mythic and Legendary ones, we’ve decided to make some adjustments to the presale schedule.

What happened?

We don’t want to bother you with too much technical talk, so in a nutshell:
An anonymous team launched a so-called “token airdrop” on Friday, November 1st, in which users can use their EOS network resources to “mine” tokens. As thousands of EOS accounts started using automated ways of making these token claims and therefore consume a lot of network resources, the price for using the EOS network has risen by about a factor of 10000-20000 compared to Thursday. This effectively prevents quite a bunch of people from even using the EOS network, at all.

What’s changing?

As we cannot predict what will happen in the next days and weeks, we’ll do the following changes:

Presale packages

The item package presale starts today (November 4th, 1pm UTC) as planned, but as some of you might not be able to actually purchase them due to CPU congestion, we will prolong the presale as a whole.

Mythic and Legendary auctions

While we originally planned to start the auctions of Avatar Crystal Rose in her Mythic and Legendary auctions today, as well, we decided not to proceed with this. As the auctions are time-based and multiple on-chain actions are needed to participate, we cannot guarantee a fair participation with equal chances for everyone participating.

As soon as we can ensure fairness in the auction process, we will update you with a new start date for the auctions. Stay tuned on our Discord, Telegram or Twitter for updates on this.

What can you do?

If you don’t want to bother with your EOS CPU, our friends from are offering a Prime membership that gives you a ton of extra resources.

Apart from that, if you are somewhat familiar with the resource system on EOS, you can go and stake some extra CPU over at

In any case, we’re happy to have all of you participate in the presale nonetheless and we’re very thankful for your support!

Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first ones to grab your discounted package!

The presale launches today, November 4th, at 1pm (UTC), so only 2 about hours ahead!

Where can I get more info about the game and pre-sale?

There are multiple ways and channels to get all the info you need. First, visit our website and check out the updated info on the game and pre-sale that we’ve just published. If that’s not enough, we’d be happy to discuss your questions in our Discord or Telegram!

Here’s an overview of all channels to find info about Chain Clash:

Website | Medium | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram

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